WORLD CUP! day fourteen

3pm games - Group F
:tv: BBC 1 :soccer: SOUTH KOREA v GERMANY
:tv: BBC 2 :soccer: MEXICO v SWEDEN

7pm games - Group E
:tv: ITV 1 :soccer: SERBIA v BRAZIL

:kr: :de: :mexico: :sweden: :serbia: :brazil: :switzerland: :costa_rica:


Group E Table P GD Pts
1 :brazil: Brazil 2 +2 4
2 :switzerland: Switzerland 2 +1 4
3 :serbia: Serbia 2 0 3
4 :costa_rica: Costa Rica 2 -3 0 :x:


Group F Table P GD Pts
1 :mexico: Mexico 2 +2 6
2 :de: Germany 2 0 3
3 :sweden: Sweden 2 0 3
4 :kr: South Korea 2 -2 0
  • :kr: South Korea
  • :de: Germany
  • draw

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  • :mexico: Mexico
  • :sweden: Sweden
  • draw

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  • :serbia: Serbia
  • :brazil: Brazil
  • draw

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  • :switzerland: Switzerland
  • :costa_rica: Costa Rica
  • draw

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Think it’s a football rest day for me. Bit WORLDCUP’d out.

Keep going. There’s a rest day on Friday


working early shift today so will watch two whole games later. SWEMEX and BRASER I think. Hope there’s more fun with things going on in concurrent games which keeps flipping the outcome.

hope all the littles beat the bigs, to save football

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Havent seen any football in 2 days. Telly is now set up and I’M READY FOR SOCCER


Perhaps not the right thread but was listening to the new wave pictures record this morn in my way into work. Really enjoying it :+1:

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  • Germany and Brazil both to qualify
  • Short term bants for long term boredom

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They’re so good but I’m slightly regretting a full day on the piss on Sunday directly before moving house. All of me hurts

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Haha classic Aggpass :+1::grinning:

Was gunna be sensible but England banged in 6 innit

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i don’t believe in bants but still don’t want Germany through, can take or leave Brazil

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watching that side retain the world cup after Madrid retained the Champs league for the 2nd straight year would be the biggest anticlimactic shrug of a summer


Except Germany are good and Real Madrid are Team Evil

No one who speaks German can be an evil man


yeah I wasn’t comparing the two sides

So, my Belgium/England prediction

Whichever team finishes first in group G (via a win, fair play or drawing lots) will get to the Final, where they will lose (probably to Spain, but that’s not part of my prediction)

Whichever team finishes second will get to the Semi Final, where they will lose (again probably to Spain and again not part of my prediction).

Might see if I can get odds on it

Fair enough, I don’t see anything drearily inevitable in the idea of Germany winning the World Cup again, it’s not like Spain by the time they won Euro 2012. Or maybe that’s not why you don’t want it either!

either way, we’re going to the semis! :eggplant: