WORLD CUP! day fourteen

If I had to make a further prediction…I’d say England will come top. Purely based upon Martinez’s greater conviction towards the “easier” route to the final

My big predo: If Colombia come second, England vs Belgium will be a fucking awful game


not inevitable but probs the winners I’d be least surprised by
they’ve made quarters or equivalent in 16 straight World Cups (!) so a bit of flux wouldn’t be the worst thing

I think it will be awful whatever happens, it’s like Denmark v France

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Nah. Both were very happy with the draw there. If Colombia come top, both England and Belgium will want to win to avoid them

Edit: wait this isn’t what happens is it? I’m confused now

my whole work team has been given the day off because of the match today (and because we hit our monthly target already yesterday)

which is nice

hoping for S.Korea 2 - 1 Germany
and Mexico 0 - 2 Sweden



If Colombia come top then whoever finishes second will play them. Finishing second would also mean that they avoid being in the Argentina, Uruguay, Portugal, France half of the draw though…



Ah right. So basically losing this game is the marginally optimal outcome regardless. @kiyonemakibi was right, absolute stinker

Germany through, twat with the silly hair out for me, Clive.

Just really want Brazil Germany in the second round


I think Croatia will get to the final.


That seems unlikely all things considered, Ant, but good on you for your optimism towards your adopted team.

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I don’t want to wade into Serb/Croat relations

Oh wait. Genuine mistake. It’s early for me


I reckon Germans draw, but are saved by Mex tonking the Swedes
Brazil to get a 1-0 spanking from Serbia and go OUT

Get your croat

Save for VAR related drama, it’s going to be terrible from here on, as the emphasis switches from teams needing to win matches to teams being terrified of losing.

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^will die before accepting the fall of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY)

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poor lad. his despair at conceding that free kick is great