WORLD CUP! day nine

1PM :tv: ITV :soccer: BRAZIL v COSTA RICA (E)

4PM :tv: BBC :soccer: NIGERIA v ICELAND (D)

7PM :tv: BBC :soccer: SERBIA v SWITZERLAND (E)

:brazil: :costa_rica: :nigeria: :iceland: :serbia: :switzerland:


Group D Table P GD Pts
1 :croatia: Croatia 2 +5 6 :slight_smile:
2 :iceland: Iceland 1 0 1
3 :argentina: Argentina 2 -3 1
4 :nigeria: Nigeria 1 -2 0


Group E Table P GD Pts
1 :serbia: Serbia 1 +1 3
2 :brazil: Brazil 1 0 1
3 :switzerland: Switzerland 1 0 1
4 :costa_rica: Costa Rica 1 -1 0
  • :brazil: Brazil
  • :costa_rica: Costa Rica
  • draw

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  • :nigeria: Nigeria
  • :iceland: Iceland
  • draw

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  • :serbia: Serbia
  • :switzerland: Switzerland
  • draw

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Sounds like the Argentina squad have agreed unanimously to get Sampaoli sacked before the third game. Good - worse than Maradona

enjoy a world cup mutiny once in a while


missed last nights game as I went to watch eels, the kind of spontaneous and fun decision that epitomises the world cup spirit

hope sampaoli ends up at spurs or somewhere


Switzerland are a decent side IMO; strong defence and midfield…just struggling with attackers (should start embolo over seferovic).

lioneel messi

As in you think he’s worse than maradona? Or only getting 2 WC games is worse than Maradona…and that’s good?

He’s had a shocker…but it’s clearly a case of wrong coach for this squad

I loved his Chile and Sevilla teams and he’s clearly a good/great coach within the right framework. I don’t disagree with you - but because he’s not the right fit doesn’t make him exempt from criticism. Being too stubborn to deviate from a system that was never going to work with this group is just terrible management. Maradona was a disaster but at least there was a semblance of a structure - the lowest possible bar - that was just an utter, horrifying mess.

Can we stop with the Iceland-love now. I watched 46 games that sort of football last season and I can do without watching any more of it


Sterling :heart_eyes:


I didn’t say/suggest he was exempt from criticism.

He appears like a true Bielsa disciple, great (if not ultimately successful) with a team that fits his style… genuinely rubbish when out of his comfort zone (I’m sure Leeds will be fine :confused:)

I would love to have seen Maradona’s bloated, coke-up face when Croatia walked in their third goal

Always knew he was a wrong un

I was going straight for the Bounty bar every time.


Yeah was gonna say. DiS is definitely underestimating Switzerland there

I don’t get up until WORLD CUP! day nine


London related football watching question: We’re going to see Nine Inch Nails at the RAH on Sunday, so will be in that there London (did i say it right?). Where would be a good place to watch the England game? I’d like to be able to sip a beer or two. 'Er who cares very little for the football would like there to be an area outside, such as a beer garden or something.

My boys the Swiss will beat Serbia tonight

There’s a few kosovans in the Swiss side and some pre match needle regarding the war so it could be a lively encounter

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Really nasty feeling that Nigeria and Iceland will see out the fucking awful 0-0 that both of their teams suggest, and open the door for Argentina again.


in the absence of @Unlucky’s poll i would like to announce to everyone that i will (hopefully) be watching all three matches of the football today. WORLD CUP!