WORLD CUP! day seven

1PM :tv: BBC :soccer: PORTUGAL v MOROCCO (B)

4PM :tv: BBC :soccer: URUGUAY v SAUDI ARABIA (A)

7PM :tv: ITV :soccer: IRAN v SPAIN (B)

:portugal: :morocco: :uruguay: :saudi_arabia: :iran: :es:

Group A Table P Pts GD
1 :ru: Russia 2 6 +7
2 :uruguay: Uruguay 1 3 +1
3 :egypt: Egypt 2 0 -3
4 :saudi_arabia: Saudi Arabia 1 0 -5


Group B Table P Pts GD
1 :iran: Iran 1 3 +1
2 :portugal: Portugal 1 1 0
3 :es: Spain 1 1 0
4 :morocco: Morocco 1 0 -1
  • :portugal: Portugal
  • :morocco: Morocco
  • draw

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  • :uruguay: Uruguay
  • :saudi_arabia: Saudi Arabia
  • draw

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  • :iran: Iran
  • :es: Spain
  • draw

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  • I will watch all of todayโ€™s games
  • โ€ฆand then you go and spoil it all by say something stupid like โ€˜I have workโ€™

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3 x 1-0s to the favourites taps nose


big game tonight as one of the favourites has a tricky opponent in Spain, but I am confident that Own Goal will come up with the goods again :iran: :iran: :iran:


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Not a looker among them today

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Goal of the First Round of Fixtures

  • Cherysev (1st v Saudi Arabia)
  • Cherysev (2nd v Saudi Arabia)
  • Golovin (v Saudi Arabia)
  • Ronaldo (3rd v Spain)
  • Nacho (v Portugal)
  • Kolarov (v Costa Rica)
  • Coutinho (v Switzerland)
  • Mertens (v Panama)
  • Lukaku (2nd v Panama)

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Which Cherysev one was the outside of the boot left foot curler?

Kane, closely followed by Kane for me



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The first Costa goal vs Portugal should definitely be on the list too. So bullish.


Urgh last day of 12 off today. The usual back to work dread has been multiplied by the prospect of missing at least half of two games tomorrow :frowning_face:

It was close to making the list butโ€ฆ

I was even boring myself typing it up.

Missing my first game of the tournament today :disappointed_relieved:

Ronaldo back to back hat tricks??

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Working from home today babbyyyyyyyyyyy!! (have so much work to do though argh)

Nah mate

Being given some comedy blow-up floats by some staff member, who probably has a job title like Player Engagement Manager, does not make the England players especially likeable.

Just cos theyโ€™re not actively shooting interns in the head with an air rifleโ€ฆ


finish at half 12 today so will get Portugal v Morocco (think this will be the best game of the 3) but will watch the others too

โ€œPoch texted me [before the game], and after as well. He sent a lot of love hearts and said โ€˜Come on Englandโ€™,โ€ said Kane.


:two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: COME ON ENGLAND :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: