WORLD CUP! day seven

Feeling a bit glum about those horrific Poland errors today. Will be watching the Colombia game with my mum, aunt and grandma on Sunday so hoping for a performance a bit closer to what they showed in the last ten minutes. Not looking good for them getting out the group stages though.

Just bumped into the one lad from the office that travelled to Volgograd for the game. He had a bagful of World Cup tat and a huge grin across his face

Asked about patio furniture but he left before giving an answer


John Terry is turning in his grave

Properly grim set of fixtures. Think this’ll be a good day to have a detox, go for a walk or something. Not just saying this because I had 8 beers last night.

hoping for at least one of the clear favourites in today’s games to get pantsed


If Spain balls it today it’s pretty much a level playing field

that’s the dream isn’t it

Can’t believe so many people don’t enjoy seeing the big teams pump the outsiders.


Always root for the underdog.


annoyingly i will probably be able to catch the 2 during work but not the one after work as i have a meal to go to, and spain are probably the team i’m most interested in watching… will have to catch the highlights later

:two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: COME ON [TEAM] :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:





The BBC studio, are they actually in a big pod off Red Square with a funky window or is it a green screen? Been bothering me all week.

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green screen

pretty sure i’ve seen them flash up other stuff on it

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I was wondering about that too. Looks like it’s actually on Red Square?

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Nah they’ve been flying blimps around to do that so you can see them through the window

Excellent work.

Also yesterday when it was raining you could see it on the windows.