WORLD CUP! day six

1PM :tv: BBC :soccer: COLOMBIA v JAPAN (H)

4PM :tv: ITV :soccer: POLAND v SENEGAL (H)

7PM :tv: BBC :soccer: RUSSIA v EGYPT (A)

:colombia: :jp: :poland: :senegal: :ru: :egypt:

Group A Table P Pts GD
1 :ru: Russia 1 3 +5
2 :uruguay: Uruguay 1 3 +1
3 :egypt: Egypt 1 0 -1
4 :saudi_arabia: Saudi Arabia 1 0 -5
  • :colombia: Colombia
  • :jp: Japan
  • draw

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  • :poland: Poland
  • :senegal: Senegal
  • draw

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  • :ru: Russia
  • :egypt: Egypt
  • draw

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  • I will watch all today’s matches
  • Life is what happens whilst you’re busy making plans to watch football

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i believe that a reporter on BBC breakfast just said the word “humdinger”

cue three nil-nils!

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Booked a flat viewing during the first game haven’t I.

Unexpected day off work: WORLD CUP!!


What are your factors that help make a good world cup?

  • Close golden boot race
  • Golden boot winner reaches semis at least
  • 1 surprise semi finalist, the rest big hitters
  • Knockout games > Group games
  • A team from each continent (excluding Oceana) getting to the second round (ideally quarters).
  • England not being totally shite

Lots of good games


Germany 06 had loads of good games…but they were almost all in the group stage (exception being the Germany - Italy semi).

You can check how the TV signal is…

Wfh today, so can have football on in the background all afternoon!

Already started work, even though I don’t need to before 9.30, just to get some shit done to free up more of my afternoon.


Might only manage 45 minutes of football today

: (

Gonna completely miss Poland Senegal

excellent planning

Insect attack of some kind
Temperature deemed as too hot for the english
A piece of massive, unpunished, game deciding cheating
A couple of 4-3s
New balls being shit for some reason or other

Can tick off most of those already.
World cup!!


Couple of total blooters

seen loads of people in Colombia shirts the last couple of weeks
maybe the most shirt-wearing of the international fan community?

It’s not a world cup without a few outside the box vollies

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I’ve only seen one in the wild.

It’s a really nice shirt, I do want one but couldn’t find any ‘back of a lorry’ examples on eBay unlike my France and Germany tops though.


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2010 (the one people seem to dislike the most) is probably the only World Cup I can think since 1998 where the knockout stage was better than the group stage