WORLD CUP! day six

Yeah I’d go along with that, especially Uruguay vs. Ghana. In 2014 both the group games and knockout games were about par

loads of goals, loads of chaos

1/2 so far this time

I don’t know, the 2014 group stage was amazing but only Brazil’s three games (ironically considering how Stoke-like they were at times) really stood out in the knockout stage


I know it’s really easy to be sniffy about England, and I very much include myself in that, but on the rare occasions they’re any good at tournaments there’s really nothing like it. Still grinning about last night.

Supporting Colombia for my man Jose Izquierdo

Strongly disagree. Group stages so much better


We looked really good in the first 20 minutes. Really good.

Russia again already?

Oh no the world cup is nearly over :cry:


Most likely Egypt are going to rush a clearly-unfit Salah into playing and it’s going to be a boring as hell game

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O unfading glory!
O immortal joy!
In furrows of pain
goodness germinates now.

The horrible night has ended,
the sublime liberty
pours the dawns
of its invincible light.
The whole humanity,
crying in its chains,
understands the words
of the One who died on the Cross.

“Independence!” cries
the American world;
bathed in the blood of its heroes
the land of Columbus.
Still, one great principle,
“The king is not sovereign”,
resounds, and those who suffer
bless its passion.

The Orinoco’s bed
fills with the remains,
of blood and a river crying
is there seen.
In Bárbula they don’t know
the souls nor the eyes,
if admiration or horror
feel or suffer.

On the shores of the Caribbean,
famished the people fight,
horrors preferring
to treacherous health.
O, aye! for Cartagena
the abnegation is much,
and the remains of death
despises its virtue.

From Boyacá in the fields,
the genius of glory,
for every ear a hero
undefeated crowned.
Soldiers without breastplate
won victory;
their virile breath
as shield served.

Bolivar crosses the Andes
that two oceans bathe,
swords as sparks
shine in Junín.
Untameable centaurs
descend to the plains,
and a prescience begins to be felt,
of the epic the end.

The victorious troop
in Ayacucho thunders,
that in every triumph grows
its formidable sound.
In its expansive thrust
Liberty is worn for the first time,
from the American sky
a pavilion forming.

The virgin her hairs
pulls out in agony
and from her love widowed
hangs them on a cypress.
Regretting her hope
covered by a cold headstone,
but glorious pride
hallows her fair complexion.

Thus the mother land is formed,
Thermopylaes are breaking forth;
constellation of cyclops
its night brightened.
The trembling flower
finding the wind mortal,
underneath the laurels
safety sought.

But it’s not complete glory
to defeat in battle,
that the arm that fights
is encouraged by truth.
Independence alone
The great clamour doesn’t silence;
if the sun illuminates everyone,
justice is liberty.

From men the rights
Nariño preaching,
the soul of struggle
prophetically taught.
Ricaurte in San Mateo,
in atoms flying,
“Duty before life,”
with flames he wrote.

2010 knockouts were ace
Germany 4 Argentina 0 was better than the 7-1


Poland Vs Senegal the BIG game today. Will be watching at home with mum rooting on the lads.

Have been scouring online for one of these but they’ve been sold out for weeks:

Will keep my eye open because I’ll happily wear it after the tournament too

I think the trouble with the 2010 knockout stage was on day 2 England were stuffed by Germany and it ended with the sour final, so it all went down badly here (especially after the dire group stage). But there was lots of really good games, even one of the semi-finals finished 3-2!

Looking forward to seeing Poland. I reckon they’re going to be really good.



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Nope :frowning:

Not much has been said about Kane’s second but that was a harder chance than he made it look.


I reckon many players will have tried to chest it down and then get crowded out/sky it over the bar


Buzzin for Lewa and my boys to polish off these Senegalese. All day fellas. All day.

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Time for my Senegal boys to shine!