World Cup, Day Ten!



:alarm_clock: 1pm
:tv: BBC
:soccer:️ Grp E
:belgium: Belgium v. Tunisia :tunisia:

:alarm_clock: 4pm
:tv: ITV
:soccer:️ Grp F
:kr: South Korea v. Mexico :mexico:

:alarm_clock: 7pm
:tv: ITV
:soccer:️ Grp F
:de: Germany v. Sweden :sweden:



  • :belgium: Belgium
  • :tunisia: Tunisia
  • draw

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  • :kr: South Korea
  • :mexico: Mexico
  • draw

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  • :de: Germany
  • :sweden: Sweden
  • draw

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:belgium: Belgium v. Tunisia :tunisia: is in Group G

I’ve let myself down, my family down, and - more importantly - DiS down.


"The Wire"




Long thread about last night’s match and political background


enjoyed “Chris Stark Is A Few Stickers Short Of A Complete 2006 World Cup Sticker Album” (or something to that effect), wherein the titular hero sets out to meet and take photographs of Franky Lamps,
Perrotta, Zidane, Jason Scotland, Marvin Andrews and Ricardo



When the boat comes in regards these threads.

Don’t be setting your alarms for 6am, like.


I think you’ve just gotta let @cowcow make these threads from now on man. Really disgraceful.


bugduv: hates early risers


See, I was thinking that 10 replies to a World Cup thread by 11am was a bit of a poor showing to be honest.


This is the first day where I will be missing association football matches during the 2018 FIFA World Cup :cry:


agreed, was very silly but and enjoyable watch


At least Mo Salah and Kadyrov are getting along well…



C’mon Les Aigles


Nasty feeling this is going to be a reality check of a day. Belgium to scratch out a bad-tempered 1-0 win, Germany to win comfortably, Mexico to stutter to a draw.


Belgium tight, Germany wide, Mexico losing their wigs.


Lukaku is a really lovely bloke