WORLD CUP! Day Three



Four, count’ em, FOUR games today. Oh my giddy aunt! :heart_eyes: :soccer: :soccer: :soccer: :soccer:


11:00 :tv: BBC - France :fr: v :australia: Australia [C]

14:00 :tv: ITV - Argentina :argentina: v :iceland: Iceland [D]

17:00 :tv: BBC - Peru :peru: v :denmark: Denmark [C]

20:00 :tv: ITV - Croatia :croatia: v :nigeria: Nigeria [D]




France comfortably, Argentina with a Messi hatrick, Denmark just, and a very entertaining score draw for me, Clive.


I’ll be out, but an 11 am kick-off is something I think we can all get behind at the weekend. Only one we’re getting, unfortunately :frowning:


I’d like Messi to score four today :slight_smile:


Griezmann double-hattrick and, clean sheet plus assists for Kante and Mmmmtitties please.



Mon the Iceland. Them beating England at a time when I have never felt more fed up with the English was the best thing that happened in the global shit storm that was 2016





Just watching the BBC MOTD catch-up thing on iPlayer. That Nacho goal is going to be one that I watch over and over, love it. There’s something great about the ball being loose on the edge of the box and someone steaming in from off-screen and smashing it.

Wins today for France, Denmark, Argentina and Croatia I reckon.



Happy super Saturday guys!

Remember not to drink too much too early, we got a lot of the football to sit through


Anyone got any big food plans or just binge on crisps and sausage rolls?

It’s remarkable how much can be achieved in the 60 minutes between games :sweat_smile:


I’ve bought 3 packs of Snyders of Hanover Pretzels :smiley:


I am attending a baby CPR course. I assume they’ll have a telly and a bar, right?


Now we’ve started.
Great match last night, a whole day on it today.
World Cup


I have a feeling we’re going to be severely disappointed after Spain Vs. Portugal had one of the best international games in recent memory


3 hours til football at 8am on Saturday.

What a time to be alive.


Heading to my parents for the weekend for “fathers day” featuring a reliably stocked fridge and big TV


Love that the world cup daily threads come before the general daily threads