WORLD CUP! Day Three



Ah that’s the dream.


Reckon I’ll probably get 3 games in today, possibly 4 if the pub later is showing it.

Always have a soft spot for Croatia, think at first it was their kit and now also I’ve been to their lovely country.

What time is lager time?



Reckon you should all thank me for Spain v Portugal being a good game, mostly cause by me sleeping through most of it.







And the #CaltexSocceroos are off! Main contro going in is the whispers that captain and bearded big unit Mile Jedinak will start on the bench (!) as will, less surprisingly, 19 year -old wunderkind Daniel Arzani, and 38 year old wundergrownup Tim Cahill. Expect at least one of the latter two to make an appearance towards the end in the unlikely event things are still civil, but realistically we’re looking at a shellacking mates. Nonetheless, the early start means an 1800-2000 Saturday night ko for the good folk back home, which is a perfect time and the VBs will doubtless be flowing like water. Unfortunately 1100 in the UK is a shite time for me and I’ll likely see none of it, but there we are.




Just seen the weather forecast and there’s a 97% chance of GOALS


Cloudy with a chance of footballs


Wow that’s quite a strong front there clive




thanks, unlucky (thucky)

i attribute brazil 1-7 germany to my sleeping through the entirety of it and then some




If we work hard we could squeeze in a thousand posts today. are you ready to put the effort in?




Probably not much to say about my appointed team of Argentina :argentina: that offers much insight. On paper they are obviously very much favoured, but plucky underdogs don’t come much pluckier than Iceland :iceland: so it has a decent trap game potential.

Vamos, vamos Argentina!


@Flashinglight taking an awfully long time to write WORLD CUP!





Was meant to be at an all-day party/festival thing but because pregnant wife is rhesus negative now have to go to hospital (as a precaution) but after that i can now WORLD CUP. And also we bought loads of meat, cheese and beer for said party/festival thing. But now I will consume these with WORLD CUP. WORLD CUP!