WORLD CUP! day twelve

3pm games - Group A
:tv: ITV 1 :soccer: URUGUAY v RUSSIA
:tv: ITV 4 :soccer: SAUDI ARABIA v EGYPT

7pm games - Group B
:tv: BBC 1 :soccer: IRAN v PORTUGAL
:tv: BBC RB* :soccer: SPAIN v MOROCCO


according to my television #IrnPor is on BBC1 and BBC4 for some reason. so it could be that #SpaMor is on BBC4? it’s on the red button regardless. ehh, i’m sure you’ll find it :smile:

:uruguay: :ru: :saudi_arabia: :egypt: :iran: :portugal: :es: :morocco:


Group A Table P GD Pts
1 :ru: Russia 2 +7 6 :slight_smile:
2 :uruguay: Uruguay 2 +2 6 :slight_smile:
3 :egypt: Egypt 2 -3 0 :x:
4 :saudi_arabia: Saudi Arabia 2 -6 0 :x:


Group B Table P GD Pts
1 :es: Spain 2 +1 4
2 :portugal: Portugal 2 +1 4
3 :iran: Iran 2 0 3
4 :morocco: Morocco 2 -2 0 :x:


Sun 30/6 - A1 v b2
Mon 1/7 - B1 v a2


Lingard goal yesterday was a genuinely joyous moment wasn’t it, punched the air when it went in
(the other 5 or so England goals on the other hand were so shite that all I felt was embarrassment )


I did this type of celebration


Can’t see past England here.

The only England goal that was genuinely embarrassing was the last one

Mate those penos were text book

  • Watching all the football today
  • NOT all the football

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Sorry phoning it in this morning but it is Monday.

2 matches at once today. Don’t think I’d get away with 2 screens on my desk showing different games

It is acceptable to vote ALL football if you are watching 1 of the games thst are on at the same time IMO

Vote changed

The amount of ‘England are incredible and are going to win the World Cup because they beat Panama’ type shit I’ve seen since yesterday afternoon reminds me why I have zero interest in England. Panama were unbelievably bad. Like worse than San Marino and etc levels of shit.


In the media or elsewhere? I can’t say I’ve really noticed too much of it.

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Will try to remember to put in increased options for dual screen show offs tomorrow.

Buzzing to hear the latest inane England World Cup comments in the office today.

This morning I’m going for… “We’re crying out for a striker like Emile Heskey, he would’ve banged in at least five goals.”

Will keep you updated!!!


not sure how the throw in is going to be topped, but pretty confident Iran are going to do something special tonight.

:iran: :iran: :iran:


so far no-one has even mentioned England at work today, all talking about Germany v Sweden (partly the football, partly the female Swedish fans)

I will watch:

  • Saudi Arabia Vs Egypt
  • Uruguay Vs Russia
  • Two screens

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  • Iran Vs Portugal
  • Spain Vs Morocco
  • Two screens

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In 2014 I was living in a shared house and we took the TV from the spare room and plonked it in the living room so we had two big screens. It was a special time.

Now I watch the World Cup on iPlayer via a VPN and I’m about 90 seconds behind the rest of the world.