WORLD CUP! day twelve

Most important game gets commentary

2 world wars, 1 world cup, 6-1 against Panama


Was hoping Southgate would be wearing a st george’s cross flag as a sling but alas, no.


Football’s oldest joke but still a good’un

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More annoying:

  • People going over the top about England beating Panama
  • Not being able to get happy about the England team doing well because everyone’s a cynical fuck

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False argument: beating Panama is not doing well.


You’ve just swayed my vote you cynical git :wink:

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I do get what you mean, but I think most of the “WE’RE GONNA WIN IT/FOOTBALL’S COMING HOME” chat is fairly tongue in cheek (obviously not from everyone.)

Equally, I can’t really get on board with the argument that we shouldn’t be enjoying it as it’s only Tunisia/Panama. We’ve got so used to England completely stinking up the tournament, at times against teams at equivalent levels to those two, that I don’t think there’s any need to apologise for enjoying seeing a young, pretty likeable group of players led by what seems to be a sound guy scoring loads of goals and winning matches.

I don’t think we’re gonna win the thing, and think there’s every chance we’re gonna get Hamez’d in the next round, but I watched England smash 6 goals in a World Cup match on a baking hot Sunday in a beer garden with hundreds of other people. That doesn’t happen often, there’s no shame in admitting to that being really fun.


People are conflating a lot of tongue-in-cheek stuff with the genuine novelty of there being an England team that people actually like who have started a tournament really well innit.


See, this is a good thing and they started positively (even if it didn’t last much more than 20 minutes) against Tunisia too - it’s good to see. The irk factor of folk going overboard is overshadowing it though.

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Genuinely think England were really good throughout against Tunisia, that first 20 minutes was exceptional though.

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Most annoying: dour wankers at work going “it’s only Panama”. Yesssss, but it’s not like England picked their fucking opposition is it?


Just nice to be in a position where we aren’t desperately scratching for a draw from the last group game isn’t it.

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Ah will bang the footy on in an hour…what do you mean no more 1pm kick offs.


old habits die hard :wink:

No, but we normally would’ve scraped it 2-1.

If you can’t enjoy supporting your team, why do you even football?


it’s a difficult one because I think England fans have plenty of right to enjoy the day/game and celebrate/acknowledge a very good team performance even if it was against one of the weakest sides in the tournament’s history, it’s just that we’ve been here before innit. Many times. People (both media and public) get overexcited and then they get punishingly disappointed when they realise that football is not, in fact, coming home and then because football at this world stage is highly emotional and hyperbolic people get upset and/or angry.

as people have pointed out, this current group of players and manager are genuinely quite a likeable bunch, so good for them if they do well.

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