WORLD CUP - Days 25-26 - It's nearly over


Shall we do our “bests” for the tournament so far (semis and the final are usually tight affairs, so our choices may not be topped)

Best Goal (Messi vs Nigeria
Best Match (France vs Argentina…or maybe Japan vs Belgiun
Best Player so far (Romelu Lukaku
Funniest Moment: Neuer reinventing his position, again


Best Goal: Pavard vs. Argentina
Best Match: Japan vs. Belgium
Best Player so far: My heart says Harry Maguire but my head says Lukaku, Coutinho or Mbappe
Funniest Moment: Neuer reinventing his position, again


Thought he started well but was a bit anonymous in the knockouts


Was against Belgium, thought he was good against Mexico.




Portugal v Spain
Batushwayi ball in the face


Pavard (although I’m a huge fan of the worldie last night)
Bat Man ball to the face


Bet you’ve all been wondering what the wolf mascot thing has been up to on his travels lately, haven’t you? Well, boys and girls, shall we see?


  • Quaresma
  • Belgium vs. Japan
  • Kevin de Bruyne
  • The world’s most expensive footballer turning himself into a meme / the world’s most ballsy Iranian trying to turn himself into a meme at the dying stages of a crucial game (tie)


don’t like this OP, too early for it


Have you been looking over my shoulder and copying?


Messi v Nigeria
Japan v Belgium (didn’t see Argentina v France tho)
Everyone’s collective hatred of Neymar


throwing beer around

  • new invention, possibly to do with Instagram?
  • happened before

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  • proof of the downfall of society, time to cleanse the streets with blood
  • tenor

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Only happened to me at gigs before, quite upsetting
You get all sticky when it dries


Fucking moronic behaviour.


At certain festivals there’s always that dread it might be piss too. One of the main reasons I won’t be going to see my beloved Pendulum at Reading this year




Belgium v Japan
Harry Maguire memes/Diego’s we’re number one salute and all that followed


To all questions my answer is Super Ally.