:fr: FRANCE v CROATIA :croatia:

4pm, BBC/ITV

  • :fr: France
  • :croatia: Croatia

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will win in

  • normal time
  • extra time
  • penalty time

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WORLD CUP :frowning::frowning::frowning:


Nah, cba m8


leaving party for our good mate world cup

  • BBC
  • ITV
  • Watching in a pub or something so don’t really have a choice

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i look forward to listening to martin keown on bbc one


Can’t believe this is the last game. Wanted it to go on forever.



Chances of me getting to watch more than about five minutes of this are slim :pensive:



Can’t believe nobody got up at 6am to do an early thread for major bants.


Am I going to regret feeling pretty apathetic about this and therefore probably not watching it?

  • Yes
  • No

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What a wonderful tournament it has been. Gonna miss ya WORLD CUP


Last summer World Cup for eight years :frowning:


Fear France will win but will be cheering on Croatia.

Out of interest, why will nearly everyone be watching it on the Beeb as opposed to ITV?

Better commentary? Better pundits? Less adverts?




A deluded part of me still hopes they will bin off Qatar and host it somewhere else at the proper time.


As good as this tournament’s been i think it will be very quickly forgotten. It got progressively less exciting by the week and the wow moments seemed to dry up.


Hm. Seems to happen often with WC tournaments, doesn’t it. They should just extend the group stage forever.

I think England making the semis will make this more memorable for us at least.


Disagree, so many of the major players getting knocked out early is pretty damn memorable. Euro 04 is still talked about regularly after all and that had a much more “boring” winner than this WC will have.