WORLD CUP! last 16! 17

:fr: FRANCE v ARGENTINA :argentina:
:clock3: 3pm, BBC :tv:

:soccer: :soccer: :soccer:

:uruguay: URUGUAY v PORTUGAL :portugal:
:clock7: 7pm, ITV :tv:

I’m so glad football is back.


in knockout form!

  • :fr: France
  • :argentina: Argentina

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this match will be decided in

  • normal time
  • extra time
  • penalty time

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Yesss, another poll for method of elimination, what a time to be inside watching football. Or writing about watching football

  • :uruguay: Uruguay
  • :portugal: Portugal

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this match will be decided in

  • normal time
  • extra time
  • penalty time

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I’ve been playing WORLD CUP! 2018 on my copy of Football Manager 2013. My last 16 is:

  • :de: :vs: :es:
  • :australia: :vs: :kr:
  • :ghana: :vs: ENGLAND
  • :it: :vs: :ru:
  • :fr: :vs: :brazil:
  • :argentina: :vs: :austria:
  • :chile: :vs: SCOTLAND

i thought these games were supposed to be highly realistic :joy:


:netherlands: didn’t qualify if that helps? :sweat_smile:

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I will watch

  • Both games
  • The 3pm only
  • The 7pm only
  • Will catch what I can
  • Can’t watch any because I haven’t organised my life well enough.

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tentative “both games”.

a neighbour may be baling so i may be bailing

a small concession to reality

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Both games… but might just watch the second half of the 3pm games as I’m absolutely knackered and could probably do the extra hour of sleep tbf.

Gonna get to work a few minutes early so I can get logged in and set up for kick off at 7 though.

Letting my adopted team down as I will almost certainly not be able to catch the Argentina game :-1:

Working 12-8 so no chance of any game time for me. Will catch MOTD

I will likely be missing France v Argentina due to having to attend a nephew’s Confirmation unless I can get away with a sneaky mobile stream under the pews/at the reception party

Which is a massive shame because I think it will be a wild and feisty humdinger with maximum VAR VAR voom

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Organised to pick something up at 7pm didn’t I! It is slightly World Cup related though



School fair today, ages ago I signed up for the 3-4 slot of the teachers stall. Didn’t plan my life that well as I forgot about world cup and just ensured a lay in ffs

Just realised that, if I’m right with my predicted winners today (Argentina and Portugal), then we’ve got the narrative of Messi vs Ronaldo in the quarter final.

World Cup!