WORLD CUP! last 16! 17

Either that or Low’s trousers.

I bet they both go out today.


France and Argentina for sure, might catch the first half of Uruguay Portugal I’m due out this evening

France - Argentina will ding
Portugal - Uruguay will be smelly poo poo

Then it’s…Suarez vs. Griezmann?

The battle of the current second fiddle to Messi against the guy who could’ve been that guy if he’d picked Barcelona over staying at Atletico Madrid.

Can’t wait!

I reckon the possession stats will be:

Portugal - 40%
Uruguay - 40%
Ronaldo - 20%

I think when Ronaldo has the ball it will be recorded as Portugal possession, rather than a separate category being introduced. But we’ll have to see


That would mean Portugal would have 60%, and we both know that’s not going to happen


guaranteed humdingers today mates, i am assured of this by top men.


Worth pointing out that no team has had fewer bookings than Uruguay so far. Course, yellow cards don’t always equate to fouliness, and they’ve played a Saudi Arabia side they had no real need to foul and Russia when both had already progressed. They’ve got that stuff in their locker, i’ve spoke about it myself, but there’s a chance they might win just by playing really good football. It might not just be an ultimate cunt-off. Sometimes we can be a bit guilty of stereotypes taking precedent over current narratives, eh.

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World cup not being on yesterday meant l I had to interact with co workers, friends and family. They seem nice. Anyway


Suarez being marked by Pepe though

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Just watched a few old episodes of Phoenix from the Flames with Baddiel and Skinner. Fucking hell. One basically takes the piss out of Koreans names and size, another dresses Ray Houghton up as a terrorist. I know they’re twenty years old, but christ. I don’t remember them being that off at the time.

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The Jason Lee stuff seemed fucking horrible at the time, especially when they took the piss out of him for being upset by it. Pair of arseholes

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Ooh that would be good. I was hoping for Portugal to go out today, preferably with Ronaldo being sent off, and Argentina winning with Messi scoring a hat trick but I might push that fantasy back a game. Basically I’m behind whatever pisses Cron off the most.

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Hypothetically, what would be the nicest, least talking-bollocks last four?

I’ll say France, Mexico, Denmark, Sweden

My m9’s telling me that Ronaldo does loads for charity and doesn’t have any tatts because he donates so much blood. Still want Portugal to lose pal.

He’s an incredibly weird man and probable sex offender though

Edit: shouldn’t say probable really sorry