WORLD CUP! last 16 ... day 18

:es: SPAIN v RUSSIA :ru:
:clock3: 3pm, BBC :tv:

:soccer: :soccer: :soccer:

:croatia: CROATIA v DENMARK :denmark:
:clock7: 7pm, ITV :tv:

  • :es: Spain
  • :ru: Russia

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this match will be decided in

  • normal time
  • extra time
  • penalty time

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  • :croatia: Croatia
  • :denmark: Denmark

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this match will be decided in

  • normal time
  • extra time
  • penalty time

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A real shame such a corrupt fascist regime got to the final 16. But enough about England :wink: I certainly hope Russia lose.

  • All the football all of the time (It’s Sunday why would I be doing anything else)
  • Some of the football some of the time (I do have a life y’know)
  • None of the football none of the time (my life does not revolve around football)

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In this case it’s due to bad planning that I’ll miss Spain v Russia.
Not hugely interested in Croatia v Denmark - that’s why there are highlights.

Really today is about getting hyped for BRAMEX // MEXBRA (???) TOMORROW yeeeeesss come on El Tri

Needs an option for those of us in the wrong timezones to watch it live…all the football, delayed (and the usual reminder to my workmates not to mention the score…)

Forza Croatia!

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I’m afraid, none of the none of the football none of the time is the option for you.

Football never sleeps (except on rest days)

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Very well then, I am nothing but determined to abide by the correct rules and norms of the thread. Thanks for the FYI clarification, I have changed my vote accordingly.

The little one turned 5 this week and she’s having her party today from 2-4pm. Kick off for RUSSPA is 4pm local time. All the balloons & unicorns & ice cream will expire a 4 ON THE DOT


dunno, SPA-RUS +balloons, unicorns, ice cream sounds pretty baller


I won’t get much chance to see the games today, just the first half or so of Russia v Spain. So I might just try to avoid the results and watch the highlights.

Feel i need to preface this with saying Ballon d’Or culture’s bollocks, etc, but assuming they award it to a player who’s made a difference at domestic, continental and international level this season, who do we think would be the standout candidate if their side gets to the business end of this tournament?

Obvious candidates probably Ramos? Modrič? Casemiro? Marcelo?

Leftfield options…Alisson? Kane? Henderson? (we laugh but they’d fit the criteria to at least be nominated, surely)

Somewhere in the middle, probably Mertens, Suarez, De Bruyne, Firmino if he comes in maybe…?

You may have a point here, though please consider that all these objects will have small children and their parents attached

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If Croatia make the semis at least…it really should go to Modric.

Still going to be Ronaldo though


I couldn’t really tell you who played well for Real Madrid this season. Probably should remember they finished a mile behind a very average Barca side, though.

Be really nice if, say Firmino, Mertens or De Bruyne blitzed the knockouts and got it, eh.

All about #narrative and the football relatively irrelevant. With club achievements combined it’d be:

Spain - Ramos (maybe Iniesta in a Giggs player of the year way)
Brazil - Neymar
Croatia - Modric
France - maaaybe Mbappe if he performs like yesterday throughout

Unless someone else wins it and there’s an absolute standout, reckon the Ronaldo/Messi duopoly would continue which to be fair it should. For all the talk of “changing of the guard”, Mbappe is still patently not as good as them.

For all the moaning about the Balon D’or, they’ve been miles ahead of anyone else for over a decade as individuals (with the exception of Suarez in 2014)

It would be more in recognition for past achievements (Giggs-style), I guess. But, because there hasn’t really been an outstanding club player this season…this WC could be a big decider.

KDB would be great. Mertens was slightly down on the season before, IIRC?

City should have gone further in Europe, though.

I think there’s an argument De Bruyne last season was a special case in that he probably had the best season a midfielder’s had in England in the modern era. Lampard, Gerrard, Scholes, Keane, Viera never matched what he’s just don in terms of consistency every week.

…and nobody else ticks all three boxes.