WORLD CUP! last 16! ... day 19

:brazil: BRAZIL v MEXICO :mexico:
:clock3: 3pm, ITV :tv:

:soccer: :soccer: :soccer:

:belgium: BELGIUM v JAPAN :jp:
:clock7: 7pm, BBC :tv:

  • All of the the 3 and 7pm games LIVE
  • All of the 3pm game only LIVE
  • All of the 7pm game only LiVE
  • Bit and bobs here and there LIVE
  • All of it but delayed for those that donโ€™t live where itโ€™s coming home

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Most if it delayed despite living where itโ€™s coming home :frowning_face:

Just vote live no one will know :slight_smile:

Iโ€™ll maybe catch the 1st half of the 1st match & 2nd half of the 2nd match

Not that bothered really, itโ€™s all about tomorrow innit

Think Iโ€™ll drag myself out of bed at 2.55pm again just in time for kick off.

(And the regret it at about 5am when Iโ€™m in full zombie mode at work)

Hmm reckon Brazil v Mexico is the most excited Iโ€™ve been for a football game in a long time.


Yeah, Iโ€™ll be working though innit

Also, should be a simple win for Brazil given than Sweden smashed Mexico 3-0

0-0 decided by a deflected OG in extra time.

Really annoyed I canโ€™t watch Brazil Mexico tbh lads



It would not be 0-0 after a goal had been scored.

Sorry, 0-0 at 90 minutesโ€ฆ

Thanks for the clarification. I was hoping VAR would have ruled out your hypothetical goal.

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@moderators - could you please bin off the spanish flag now that those tiki taki twats have been found out? Thank you!


Havenโ€™t watched as much of the WORLD CUP! as Iโ€™d like but holy fuck what a delight it was to see this absolute pinger on Saturday.