WORLD CUP! last 16! ... day 19

:brazil: BRAZIL v MEXICO :mexico:
:clock3: 3pm, ITV :tv:

:soccer: :soccer: :soccer:

:belgium: BELGIUM v JAPAN :jp:
:clock7: 7pm, BBC :tv:

  • All of the the 3 and 7pm games LIVE
  • All of the 3pm game only LIVE
  • All of the 7pm game only LiVE
  • Bit and bobs here and there LIVE
  • All of it but delayed for those that don’t live where it’s coming home

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Most if it delayed despite living where it’s coming home :frowning_face:

Just vote live no one will know :slight_smile:

I’ll maybe catch the 1st half of the 1st match & 2nd half of the 2nd match

Not that bothered really, it’s all about tomorrow innit

Think I’ll drag myself out of bed at 2.55pm again just in time for kick off.

(And the regret it at about 5am when I’m in full zombie mode at work)

Hmm reckon Brazil v Mexico is the most excited I’ve been for a football game in a long time.


Yeah, I’ll be working though innit

Also, should be a simple win for Brazil given than Sweden smashed Mexico 3-0

0-0 decided by a deflected OG in extra time.

Really annoyed I can’t watch Brazil Mexico tbh lads




It would not be 0-0 after a goal had been scored.

Sorry, 0-0 at 90 minutes…

Thanks for the clarification. I was hoping VAR would have ruled out your hypothetical goal.

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@moderators - could you please bin off the spanish flag now that those tiki taki twats have been found out? Thank you!


Haven’t watched as much of the WORLD CUP! as I’d like but holy fuck what a delight it was to see this absolute pinger on Saturday.