WORLD CUP! (last 16) - day 20

I tried that, although it was too long winded so I just went with licking the twitter post.

In my defence it did seem highly unlikely to me that Theo would know how to drink tequila properly.


Can you please upload a video of you drinking a shot of tequila then licking a lemon

6 goals have been enough for the golden Boot in 9 of the last 10 world cups. Kane’s getting the shittest golden Boot ever. Love him

You’re forgetting Oleg Salenko!

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Still think the likeability thing is more PR than anything else. Helps having Southgate though, as he does seem genuinely nice.

The main issue @Aggpass is that ‘salty’ is a very recent way to describe Tweets so I don’t think of it first.

I have done tequila in the past but honestly, who would do it over Sambuca? No one with tastebuds is the answer and I have tastebuds in spades.

Love you theo


Some staggering hot takes in the office today. Awful apparently. Genuine anger about how shit it was. Unbelievable.

Please share your colleagues dreadful takes here. Thanks.

This is the second wrongest thing I’ve ever read on here. Tequila’s a much more versatile drink than sammy-b theo!



  • Filling your boots in a dead rubber, knocked out in the group stage
  • 3 penalties, 2 tap ins, and one just hitting you. Including a hat trick against Panama

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Working from home. Some dreadful onions here

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Versatile? No, not really.

It’s fine. I’ve done it loads. The whole salt and lemon thing is good fun.

But sambuca is a fucking don of spirits to shot.

Feel weirdly happy for all the coaching and support staff in the England camp. Can’t really articulate why

Sambucca >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tequila.

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Sambuca is pretty rank

  • Tequila
  • Sambuca
  • Stop making polls

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Tequila in cocktails is good and nice. Nobody’s putting sammy-b in a margarita are they.

Why do people order and drink sambuca & lemonade. Smells awful, tastes awful, looks like cum

Christ I didn’t even know that was a thing. You can’t even call that a cocktail can you.

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Not my fault if you only do boring cocktails

You could barely eat a twix :confused: