WORLD CUP! (last 16) - day 20

On the plus side, I had a really nice caprese salad and some chorizo and halloumi skewers during that dross

would rather be playing sweden than columbia tbh

You’d rather watch a really boring game that we’d also lose?


Best and worst final not including Brazil?

BEST: Belgium v Colombia

WORST: Uruguay v Sweden

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possibly my last chance to hawk this

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hope England win tonight unless Columbia score first in which case I hope they just thrash us

Imagine having a conversation with Phil Neville

wanting a team to win that’s losing is terrible and frustrating I don’t know how you lot manage it

think sweden are a more familiar boring opponent tbf and also i don’t think they’re very good

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You watched the Belgium game, didn’t you? Imagine the elation you must feel when your team turns it around from 2-0 down and wins it with a brilliant goal in the last minute. Far more exciting than seeing out a simple win.

Put loads or money on them lose. Win/win either way.

Unless it’s a draw, and you effectively lose twice, but alcohol helps.

yeah but surely that rarely happens and you’ve just wasted an hour getting more and more miserable?



if I put money on them to lose then it’s not a win if they win I’m afraid. Not that patriotic

Sweden are better than Spain. That’s how it works. Let’s stop saying good teams are rubbish, and average teams are great.

agreed but there are degrees within it where you can say team X or Y who are good aren’t very good compared to team C or 4 or what have you

Still traumatised after 1992 m9

We’re in the last nine, lads!


Swedish defense & keeper are really good. There’s really only one thing they’re vulnerable to, getting beyond the back four to the byline and sticking it between defenders and keeper on the ground - so it’ll be a job for Sterling or maybe Trippier on the overlap if he can keep his crosses low

of course, without Lustig the Swedes are a bit more vulnerable in the air