🇺🇸 World Cup of Americans

Fair dos.
I’d be more inclined to break it down into: Great Bunch Of Americans / Decent Americans / Celebrities I have no interest in / Shit Americans for Cunts


Edison was a scumbag

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Beyonce, Wright Brothers, E. Roosevelt and Tina Fey is an absolutely stonking group

Dont vote Edison.
Tesla >>>> Edison

But how diDIid YooIuu gtet ther?e tho??!

I’m gonna ahve to vote tactically there because Ye CANNOT go out like this

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Tesla’s not in the polls!

Also: shit cars/ruined by David Bowie in that terrible film. 1/5


Don’t trust anything written in this font


stole ideas, electrocuted elephants

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nope, that’s not true.

It is.
He was a cunt.

Hmm yeah can’t find supporting evidence either way really.

He MAY have electrocuted elephants. Therefore, my vote goes to Will Smith.

@NeilYoung I hope you enjoy this thread when you wake up buddy

He’s a twit.

Fucking hell, that Trump/Hillary/MJ group is like having to choose whether to drink piss, vomit or blood. Fucking state of it.


True, but I love his art and he isn’t at the idiot level of some of these options.

Gotta be Hilary really. She’s the only non-rapist.

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Yeah that’s who I went for but I felt so dirty :frowning: