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Because Will Smith DID electrocute elephants?

Jan. 4, 1903: Edison Fries an Elephant to Prove His Point. Topsy the elephant was electrocuted at Luna Park Zoo on Coney Island in 1903. Captured on film by Thomas Edison , the event was one of a string of animal electrocutions Edison staged to discredit a new form of electricity: alternating current.


a big battery


“Will Smith Don’t gotta electrocute elephants to discredit alternating current
But I do
So fuck him and fuck you too”

  • Thomas Edison

Jeez you almost love Edison as much as Homer Simpson

Just really hate Tesla

World Series of Americans


What did he do to irk you?

The elephant was electrocuted. Edison Company was involved. But Edison wasn’t there filming it and cackling - he didn’t run the company by the time this happened.

Not really though.

I think they said on the Adam Buxton podcast this week that Edison was a wife beater. Can’t find anything to support this online though. Might have dreamt it.

This has absolutely done me though


Stop voting for Obamas

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Edison fans upvoting

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Wow, Hillary must be delighted with that draw.

Haha crooked Hillary

Muting thread now, let me know if there’s beeves.

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she’s definitely gonna win! there’s no way she can fuck it up against that opposition!


-Everyone not racist, November 8, 2016

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