🥛 World Cup of Cereal and Friends. SFs post 131

@jamos @thedestroyer my fellow puffed wheat voters, I love you x

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Honey Loops going out to Bran Flakes, state of this forum

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Even at their peak they were always tricky to source compared to their peers.

Ketamine for me, please.


On a more serious note, firstly not a lot of people like healthy delicious cereals, eh?

Also thpse that like 'em sweet aren’t voting for the best one, cinnamon grahams?!

Says Mr Fucking Cookie Crisp

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Have eaten fruit n fibre almost every day for the last 20 years. Might be one of my favourite foods ever. Never get sick of it.

Also have some strong opinions on which brand is best.

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They’re great. Google them

Why can we vote for all four options?

Thats when i got confused, wanted to vote against the ones beating my faves but alsp realised i could vote for everything. Dark times.

Pools result: score draw

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admin error

not a shambles


Sorry, but it’s already gone to VAR.

I used to know someone who kept his crunchy nut in a safe, for protection from his housemates


I’ve voted arbitrarily on a lot of these cause I don’t like the taste of milk so I only have cereals that make the milk taste nice like crunchy nut or coco pops and that.

I want Porridge to win and I dont care who knows it.


The fuck is puffed wheat?

Very wise imo

sugar puffs without the sugar

Fuck that.