🎄🍫 World Cup of Christmas Chocolate FINAL IS POST 90

Get yer tubs out


It’s December so I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about chocolate

which is the best one that comes in a tub? That’s the big question.

8 randomly drawn groups of 4/5, 2 go through from each, round 2 at 11amish, any questions?


  • Roses - Tangy Orange Creme - Square-shaped milk chocolate with orange engraving on top, filled with orange-flavoured creme fondant (orange wrapper).
  • Heroes - Fudge
  • Celebrations - Milky Way
  • Roses - Caramel - Cadbury Caramel Toffee piece. Soft toffee encased in Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate (blue wrapper).

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  • Celebrations - Maltesers Teaser
  • Roses - Coffee Escape - New for Christmas 2013, Cadbury have re-released the soft coffee centred chocolate (green wrapper).
  • Quality Street - Chocolate Caramel Brownie (cyan wrapper)
  • Roses - Caramel Bite - Soft and chewy caramel, with small crispy pieces and a marzipan flavour (light brown wrapper with purple edges).
  • Roses - Country Fudge - Rectangular fudge piece, coated in milk chocolate (light brown wrapper).

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  • Heroes - Twirl
  • Quality Street - Caramel Swirl (yellow wrapper, circular, foil)
  • Quality Street - Milk Choc Block (green wrapper)
  • Roses - Strawberry Dream - Square-shaped milk chocolate with strawberry seed engravings on top, filled with strawberry-flavoured cream fondant (pink wrapper).

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  • Heroes - Creme Egg Twisted
  • Quality Street - Toffee Penny (gold wrapper, circular)
  • Quality Street - Orange Chocolate Crunch (orange wrapper, octagonal, foil)
  • Celebrations - Snickers
  • Quality Street - Strawberry Delight (red wrapper, circular)

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  • Celebrations - Twix
  • Heroes - Eclair
  • Heroes - Double Decker (Known as “Dinky Decker”)
  • Roses - Hazel Whirl - Dome-shaped milk chocolate, patterned with spiral twirl, with hazelnut in centre (purple wrapper with orange edges).
  • Celebrations - Galaxy Caramel

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  • Heroes - Crunchie (Known as Crunchie Bits)
  • Quality Street - Fudge (pink wrapper)
  • Quality Street - Coconut Eclair (blue wrapper)
  • Roses - Signature Truffle - New for Christmas 2013, this is a truffle encased in milk chocolate (red wrapper with blue edges).
  • Heroes - Dairy Milk Caramel

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  • Quality Street - Toffee Finger (gold wrapper, stick)
  • Celebrations - Mars
  • Celebrations - Bounty
  • Quality Street - “The Purple One” Milk Chocolate filled with hazelnut and caramel (purple wrapper)
  • Heroes - Dairy Milk

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  • Celebrations - Galaxy
  • Heroes - Wispa
  • Quality Street - Orange Creme (orange wrapper)
  • Roses - Golden Barrel - Milk chocolate in the shape of half a barrel, filled with caramel (gold wrapper). Previously named Caramel Keg.
  • Roses - Hazel in Caramel - Crescent-shaped milk chocolate with hazelnut plant engraving on top, filled with caramel and a hazelnut (purple wrapper).

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Let the smack-talk and endless moaning begin.


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I dont know anything about chocolate, but this looks very well thought out, nice work. Maybe ill buy my grandmother a box of the winner for xmas.

vote anyway, everyone else is going to vote incorrectly anyway

Only chocolate i know is Russell Stover.

Yeah why isn’t everyone voting for the coffee creme?

Also I had no idea there were two different strawberries in Quality Street? Although it makes sense are there are 3 or 4 toffees, FFS. Always the end of the Quality Street tin is the stuff in gold wrappers.

Love a caramel keg

fucking hell, group A is a real group of death

Do you think there’s legs in a dating website where you rank your favourite chocolates in these boxes and get matched up with the most compatible people?


Are the people you’re most compatible woth the ones who prefer the same chocs as you or those with the least crossover so you can share a tub most efficiently?


Feel like all the fruity cremes are going to place very highly. Possibly with good reason.

Gonna have to go with Roses Hazel Whirl though, actively look forward to those and wish they were widely available in bar form.


Fruity cremes suck.


Love Roses Hazel Whirl though, hence the ‘liking’ I just did of your post.

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Some are a bit sickly, but so are some people, so I guess we’re gonna have to bear witness :upside_down_face:
Can definitely have 1 or 2 but that’s my limit


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The amount that you lot always love your fruity cremes always pisses me off :face_vomiting:

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Oooh, we should love those cloying, chewy grim toffees eh?

(The fact is that cheap caramel is a lot grimmer than cheap fruit cremes.)

The latter yeah, so between the two of you, you finish a whole tub. Don’t want any arguments in our beautiful socialist utopia now do we


In the beautiful socialist utopia all these chocolate selection boxes contain only coffee cremes so it’s moot really. :wink:

Pretty annoying how Big Chocolate has turned some of these rounds into just ‘Do you like small versions of regular chocolate bars?’ What chance has the humble coconut eclair got against a small Crunchie?


I bought a box of heroes at work last week and made people rank them in order and some absolute psychopaths putting eclairs and creme eggs in their top 3.