World Cup of Detective/Crime Series (Final post 249)

DEATH IN PARADISE must be included in all its cheesey formulaic glory. Only to be booted put in the early stages but still.
I’ll be voting on pure Sunday evening enjoyment /watchability and not actual quality of television.

Also where’s Ms Fishers Murder Mysteries?!

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Absolute shambles. I’m out

… Unless i keep posting in here

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Poirot or Marple for the win tbh.

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My little grey cells tell me anything other than a Poirot win could lead to a murder most horrid.


I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that my cheesy favourites will fall at the first or second hurdle.

Should be murder mysteries imho, don’t need to know The Wire/Bridge etc are better than something for a sunday evening.

Oh fuck!!!
Murder Most Horrid! :heart:
Maybe we need a separate comedy murder mystery WC.
That other one I just thought of that has now left my brain Argh what is it. - A touch of cloth!!!
Murder in Successville

I remembered

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vera and touch of frost are better than the bridge

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Where’s ‘Murder She Wrote’?

Can’t say I’ve heard of more than 2-3 of these.


It wasn’t Agatha Raisin but that would go in the comedy category I think?



Yeah I’ll admit @NeilYoung I’m afraid it’s got a bit of a UK bias, muchly on account of the fact I’m not overly up on US stuff.

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Is there any way to found out which episodes of a program I’ve watched? Like google must know that somehow, right?

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No problemo :+1:

Midsomer Murders v The Wire final please. That’s a win win for me. Not seen many others. Got loads of things to do tonight so that’s my contribution! Cheers!


The Bridge should win. Saga Noren is the best detective.

Balls to silly shit like Murder She Wrote.

  • silly bollocks detective shows
  • serious business detective shows

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Pretty interchangeable really - I think we can safely assume that a vote for the wire is a vote for the bill

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Is that show about the English family living in Italy a crime thing? It looks so nice.

Is heartbeat a crime thing?

If Morse doesn’t win I’m going to brood gloomily in a jaguar while listening to Bach for at least a week.

Could tolerate a win for Poirot but the later star studded episodes are bloody awful, just want him knocking around with Hastings and Miss Lemon in the 90s.

Also, upset but not surprised by the lack of love for Vera, it’s the best crime show out there at the moment

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