World Cup of Fizzy Drinks (Final post 63 - JOKE I AM WARNING YOU)

Yes I know we had drinks ages ago, but that didn’t have Pepsi in and I mean, what a world is that?

So, without further ado:

  • tenzing
  • fanta orange
  • r white’s lemonade
  • red bull

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  • relentless
  • pepsi max
  • irn bru
  • orangina

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  • dr pepper
  • lilt
  • old jamaica grape soda
  • coke zero

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  • tango
  • sprite
  • fanta fruit twist
  • ka

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  • fentimans cola
  • appletiser
  • lucozade
  • old jamaica ginger beer

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  • rubicon
  • full fat coke
  • fentimans ginger beer
  • san pellegrino

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  • 7up
  • mountain dew
  • barr’s cream soda
  • fizzy vimto

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  • pepsi
  • tizer
  • diet coke
  • monster

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what is tenzing

So hard to vote properly for some of these in the post sugar tax era.

Also, you forgot Rio. Shambles!

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There are so many drinks to choose from, but you still had to make one up instead?


a ‘natural’ energy drink.

looks like this.

The adverts and free handouts have been everywhere this summer

Orangina won’t get the love it deserves later in the contest and I’m already sad about it


There has to be some level of shambles otherwise my character is ruined

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this but Diet Coke

Genuinely never seen that in my life

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I would like Lilt to win but San Pellegrino probably will. Appletiser is really nice with a shot of Fireball. Cheers, see ya.

The amount of love for Tory Fanta on here is a cause for real concern to me.

Hold me closer

Count the headlights on the highway
Lay me down in sheets of linen


I dunno. I think they’ll take a serious knock for being part of Nestle.

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Lilt it is. No need for the rest of the polls.

would like to try Lilt again but I’ve not seen it since the early 00s

Having Fanta Fruit Twist in here but not Fanta Lemon is baffling.

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You make me feel like a natural shambles


You can get it in most supermarkets.

A Lilt vs San Pellegrino final would be what the fans want


Let’s hope they don’t meet in the semifinals