World Cup of Herbs and Spices! (Final Chillies v Garlic post 203)

I’ve left out salt and pepper because we all know they’d be 1 and 2 respectively. Even if I seeded them in the same knockout somehow the winner would end up top.

Also, I’m not splitting up different types of the same thing - coriander can be ground, leaves or seeds, whatever; mustard seeds can be whatever colour you love most.

Group A

  • basil
  • majoram
  • cayenne pepper
  • cumin

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Group B

  • cloves
  • tarragon
  • fennel seeds
  • caraway

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Group C

  • mustard seeds
  • bay leaves
  • ginger
  • oregano

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Group D

  • parsley
  • paprika
  • mint
  • allspice

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Group E

  • sage
  • cinnamon
  • lovage
  • turmeric

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Group F

  • thyme
  • vanilla
  • anise
  • chillies

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Group G

  • cardamon
  • curry leaves
  • rosemary
  • coriander

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Group H

  • fenugreek seeds
  • bergamot
  • nutmeg
  • garlic

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Not sure about garlic and chilli being in here. Maybe chilli in powder/flake form would be ok.

Anyway, cinnamon has to win this, right? Best versatility, best flavour.


They both appear in lists of herbs and spices I found so same rules apply here really. Ginger root or powder, garlic powdered or fresh, chilli flakes or freshly chopped…

The thing is if I drop those two I’d have ended up with a couple of really obscure ones no one cares about.

Cinnamon and ginger are my favourite flavourings.


Well I’m glad the rando-ordering didn’t put them in the same group.

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Fair enough, other than you could have had nutmeg at least which is a top tier spice imho.

Nutmeg is in there! I didn’t include Mace which seemed to also be nutmeg.

So it is :woman_facepalming:

Read through the list again three times and didn’t spot it.

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And yet…


I know, I know.

Look, this is what happens when start things like this in the middle of the night UK time.


Are you going to scarborough fair?

Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.


I mean another top notch bracket challenge here, well done theo. Just decided at midnight I’m WFH tomorrow to see how this one goes. Love me some spices.


You know you can vote for two in each group? I forgot to post that, sorry.

Yes I do, I’m a one vote per group type of guy however.

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Never heard of loveage, upon research that looks like something I might put in a good broth. Definitely getting some soon.

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You’ve got some very correct opinions on herbs and spices based on this and your votes :+1:


I have a real aversion to bay leaves after trying to use fistfuls of scrunched up bay leaves as a substitute for mince in spag bol when I was the only veggie in my home economics class in year seven and the nun who taught us (yes, really) was so incensed by the idea of someone not eating God’s clean meat that she refused to help me adapt the recipe.

Fistfuls of scrunched up bay leaves do not make spag bol taste good.


That vanilla group is a bastard

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Honestly, unlike most other things where I have STRONG OPINIONS, I’m just so glad we have herbs and spices, that I’m more interested than concerned to find out what wins. They’re all just so great.

…except basil! fuck you, basil! until you start being served in correct proportions as a pizza topping, you can go fuck yourself, and regret every minute of it.


They are all bastards, so hard to choose.