World Cup of Pizza (FINAL POST 142!)

The pizza express thread gave me an idea.

Who does the best pizza?

Apologies in advance for any shambles

  • Papa Johns
  • Franco Manca

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  • Domino’s
  • Carluccios

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  • Pizza Hut
  • Pizza Express

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  • Strada
  • Bella Italia

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  • Dr Oetker
  • Prezzo

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  • Zizzi
  • Chicago Town

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  • Ask
  • Pizza Pilgrims

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  • Goodfellas
  • Sodo Pizza

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Local Pizza place

  • Paesano
  • Basta
  • Mozza
  • Pizza Punks
  • Local Italian

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Local Indian

Succulent chinese meal

Sodo and goodfellas should be the final, also, isn’t sodo just a couple of place in London? Bit niche

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Thought this was gonna be toppings


Yeah I know I think pizza Pilgrims might be similar but hey ho shambles

That could almost not be a shambles.

Dont even know half of these. But I’ve voted for whatever wasnt Dominos or Papa John’s. So awful


Cheese and tomato naan

How would you cut it tho? Individual ingredients? Common combos?

Yes. Or include chain combos too.

u guys know a lot about pizzas

Still very sad that my local succulent pizza place has closed.
Hoping the other excellent Neapolitan place down the road, Brava Ragazzi, takes it over as there’s a massive pizza oven installed.
Always got 400 Rabbits and Radio Alice a bus ride away though. Could be worse

I like a pizza the action!

Pizza Pilgrims gave me the worst pizza experience of my life. Watery as hell, insipid, maybe an off day for them but never again.

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Also if you’re talking LME it’s Homeslice all the goddamn way

I’m presuming the people voting for Goodfellas over Sodo Pizza have never heard of Sodo Pizza

Carluccios doesn’t even do pizza so clearly people are just voting willy nilly.

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