🥚 World Cup of Snacks / Post 328 is the FINAL : TOAST VS. SAMOSAS

actually this is an important distinction. The best ones are the ones from the Asian snack places. Local Indian ones are generally fine, but too small and not as good as you want.

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oh yes here for this

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  • Toast
  • Samosas

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fuck off is toast a finalist

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Come on Samosas. You got this.

Would like it to be known now that this is all my doing

Samosas knocked pasties out didn’t they? What a fucking dope.

I suppose this could work

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a twix dipped in some lemsip


unpopular opinion alert…i don’t like samosas.

which part? the delicious spicy filling, the delightful crisp flaky pastry, or the wonderful assortment of relishes that typically accompany them?


I love toast but for my money a true snack winner has to be much more portable than toast.

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“would you like a delicious samosa?”
“no thanks pal, i’m going to have toast for some reason”

yeah right


you know what’s a better snack than toast? a toastie.

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a great way to make your melted cheese portable, too.


exactly. what more could you want from a snack than portability?

if you drop toast there is a 50% chance of it being ruined.
you can’t put it in a paper bag without the topping sticking to the bag
generally more work involved in getting it and less likely to be procured outside of the house (these are less important)
a large slice of toast can need two hands to hold, this is rare with a samosa

and “fairly portable” is not enough for a finalist

any food is ruined if you drop it on the floor