🥚 World Cup of Snacks / Post 328 is the FINAL : TOAST VS. SAMOSAS

How the fuck is pretzel bread dry?

This is a balls up and you know it

  • Bag o’ Pretzels
  • Schneider of Hanover
  • Fresh Pretzels from Bakery or Pretzel vendor
  • Apparently they’re all the same ?!?!?!?!??!

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all the same

if you like pretzels of any kind, vote pretzels

if they win (HA!) we can have a poll to decide the best type of pretzel

Bullshit. Because 95% of the british population think pretzels are those crappy salty snacks wut u get during Christmas without know how great a Pretzel can be

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that’s the real tragedy isn’t it

Lidl Pretzel 30p. Snack of king (on a budget)

LOVE a good fresh pretzel. so chewy and delicious.


Local Indian Samosa vs £4 Toast, will be tough


Only voted for pretzels cause I don’t like olives or fruit but I’m with joke on this one. Also Snyders aren’t pretzels they’re pretzel pieces, very different story.

Aretha Franklin wins.

Why aren’t crisps in this?

Joke fucked up thats why. They included very specific cracker with their fav topping in the poll & crackers yet cant differentiate between 3 very different kind of pretzel products

I say we hire a new poll maker

THIS JUST IN: there are whispering afoot, that this might be falling into the category of…

a shambles


Think we had the crisp worls cuo separately.

we’ve done crisps

That was to decide the best crisps, this is to decide the best snack… Crisps are a snack.


a crisp type has already had a shot at the World Cup of Everything

same as chocolate and sweets

hashtag notashambles

Does this mean there’s not going to be a world cup of Pasties?



Great thread @AQOS
Keep up the good work.


Devon>Cornish>Any independent bakery>>>>Supermarket own brand>Greggs>Ginsters


You can’t rank specific types of pasties against shops that sell various types of pasties.

Fucking hell.