🥚 World Cup of Snacks / Post 328 is the FINAL : TOAST VS. SAMOSAS

Paging Dr A. Shambles, the snack machine seems to be out of peanut butter on a spoon, Mini Cheddars, Millionaires Shortbreads, Brownies and Rocky Roads and those sausage roll chasers you like to finish off every snack time with.


thank you @casinobay

Yeah but the shop has a specific type. Greggs, in this instance, means the Greggs pasty. Which is shit cause it’s got peas in.

as ever I am happy to do a wildcard poll after the first round with extra suggestions and shoehorn in that option into one of the final 16 matchups to make it a triple thread match

Every pasty has a p in it

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Ah yes the famous any independent bakery pasty

To be fair to joke (for some reason) there was a chance to suggest these items in his snacks thread last night.

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there’s just no consistency with any of this.

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Any pasty from an independent bakery is better than the ones after it on my list, didn’t realise I’d made it so complex.

Think I’m being fair enough to joke, isn’t that right?

  • Absolutely, very fair, this is a shambles
  • no.

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Who the fuck is having a gherkin on its own?


Yeah @Unlucky
Funky has put in a lot of effort visiting every independent bakery in England (I believe that Scotland is on his hit list for 2020) and tasting all the pasties. He knows what he’s talking about here.


that’s why it’s funny

If he’d done that he’d have many types of pasty to put on his list.

Its another shambles, sorry.

I know you’re joking but maybe this premise would land me a book deal.

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can I come along

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Without question.

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There’s only one ‘type’ of pasty, just lots of variations on it from place to place.

reckon tricklenipple’s a lingonberries and peanut butter man


Pasty Dutchie on the left hand side