World Cup of World Flags 🌍 🇺🇳 🌏 Day 1

Flags! Fun!

I was going to just pre-select but that’s not very scientific so I’ll just do the whole lot (groups drawn at random). Some polls will have seven options. Deal with it. First round will be staggered in this throughout the day. Will try to get this done by Friday but no promises.

Country names blurred in case you prefer to go in blind ish.

A vote for a flag is not an endorsement of the country.

Hope everyone is up for 55 polls plus potential run-offs!

  • tn_po-flag Portugal
  • tn_pm-flag Panama
  • tn_pp-flag Papua New Guinea
  • tn_fr-flag France
  • tn_up-flag Ukraine
  • tn_hu-flag Hungary

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  • tn_au-flag Austria
  • tn_bm-flag Myanmar
  • tn_li-flag Liberia
  • tn_ve-flag Venezuela
  • tn_ke-flagKenya
  • tn_vt-flag Vatican City

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  • tn_eg-flag Egypt
  • tn_tp-flag Sao Tome & Principe
  • tn_si-flag Slovenia
  • tn_rs-flag Russia
  • tn_ns-flag Suriname
  • tn_bl-flag Bolivia

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  • tn_mv-flag Maldives
  • tn_sy-flag Syria
  • tn_pl-flag Poland
  • tn_vc-flag St Vincent & the Grenadines
  • tn_nz-flag New Zealand
  • tn_ec-flag Ecuador

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  • tn_la-flag Laos
  • tn_vm-flag Vietnam
  • tn_cs-flag Costa Rica
  • tn_ci-flag Chile
  • tn_ni-flag Nigeria
  • tn_jo-flag Jordan

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  • tn_uk-flag United Kingdom
  • tn_bn-flag Benin
  • tn_ug-flag Uganda
  • tn_ch-flag China
  • tn_su-flag Sudan
  • tn_bk-flag Bosnia & Herzegovina

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  • tn_ls-flag Liechtenstein
  • tn_am-flag Armenia
  • tn_wz-flag Eswatini
  • tn_so-flag Somalia
  • tn_nr-flag Nauru
  • tn_bc-flag Botswana

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  • tn_it-flag Italy
  • tn_sg-flag Senegal
  • tn_lo-flag Slovakia
  • tn_cv-flag Cabo Verde
  • tn_ga-flag Gambia
  • tn_bp-flag Solomon Islands

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Well now I find out blurring doesn’t work for polls :man_facepalming:

Remove or keep country names?

  • Remove
  • Keep

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properly top thread, this. :+1:


Flags = Nice IMO


If there’s any justice it will be a Bhutan v Zambia final

I think the Benin one could do with the green being darker and then it would be an absolute #banger IMO

uganda might be the one exception to the ‘anything with small pictures looks crap’ rule of flags

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The Crested Crane!

Come on you Cranes!

oh wow, their old one might be even better


I like red more than green and black more than blue

the chicken is bigger though


can we nominate the worst flag?


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  • tn_ek-flag Equatorial Guinea
  • tn_za-flag Zambia
  • tn_ro-flag Romania
  • tn_gt-flag Guatemala
  • tn_be-flag Belgium
  • tn_ir-flag Iran

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  • tn_th-flag Thailand
  • tn_iv-flag Cote d’Ivoire
  • tn_tt-flag Timor Leste
  • tn_is-flag Israel
  • tn_cy-flag Cyprus
  • tn_ae-flag United Arab Emirates

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  • tn_no-flag Norway
  • tn_tv-flag Tuvalu
  • tn_le-flag Lebanon
  • tn_sf-flag South Africa
  • tn_ks-flag South Korea
  • tn_in-flag India

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  • tn_mt-flag Malta
  • tn_et-flag Ethiopia
  • tn_al-flag Albania
  • tn_ag-flag Algeria
  • tn_ce-flag Sri Lanka
  • tn_gb-flag Gabon

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Poland is the worst flag IMO


They’re all coming!

so, so wrong. Poland is a minimalist classic.


“A minimalist classic” count how many times you hear that said today, truth is it is simply “boring”


wales wales wales wALES WALES