World Cup Planner/Wall chart

Morally bereft, corrupt, shouldn’t be happening, but it is and I’m gonna watch it. I guess for the players and coaches it’s potentially a once in a lifetime opportunity, not their fault it is where it is.

Looks like the ones I always do but if anyone wants this to know what’s on where, here you go.


Looks gorgeous! Is the final really at 1am UK time?!

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15:00 GMT

In that case, I’ve found a typo (sorry). Loving it though, will print out in A3 for the pub

very nice, I wonder if I can get away with printing one in the office tomorrow :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Oh bums.


Not at all, thanks for pointing it out.

It has been updated!

Sterling work! Will print out in A3 tomorrow and stick it up at work. :smiley:

Always loved seeing the venues on a wallchart, but this is the one world cup where no one fucking cares and it’s all irrelevant isn’t it? haha.

Top work Mr Steve. Thanks!

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