World cup: the post mortem

Bit disappointed by the final.

Best face - Mandzukic
Best fans - Peru
Best tantrum - Colombia
Best prison tats - Geurro / Quaresma
Best ‘he doesn’t look like a manager’ - Herve Renard
Best player transferred to a PL team solely on the basis of performances at World Cup who will then fade into obscurity - ??

Perisic. United. Put the house on it

Liverpool are in for Vida, too

He’s too good and too well established. I’m looking for more obscure players that had a blinder.

See above. No way Vida at a top 6 team doesn’t end up with some egg on face imo. Would like to see arsenal sign artem dzyuba

General thoughts are that it was by far the most enjoyable group stage i can remember, but the knockouts were, understandably i guess, a bit more of a mixed bag. I do think a 32-team tournament’s excessive. A 48-team one will be even worse, though maybe a second group stage will keep the gung-ho ties going longer.

France remind me a bit of Real Madrid, in that they’ve no clear playing style, but more a group of elite players and a good team ethic, which aren’t negatives obviously, but not that entertaining either save odd moments of individual brilliance. It’s a bit perfunctionary and drab for be, but then we embraced England for having about two shots a game.

Great tournament, but we shouldn’t forget that it was a great tournament because it had great political worth to the hosts in terms of soft power, just like City or PSG doing well does to Abu Dhabi or Qatar. I can seperate the two to a point, but doing so completely is pretty irresponsible. It’s great that it passed without trouble, but at what cost, and what sort of legacy will it leave for everyday people in Russia?

Highlights for me:

  • Portugal v Spain, and the end of the last games in that group.
  • Argentina getting mauled by Croatia, and the whole of the Nigeria v Argentina game.
  • Germany essentially being England, especially the late defeat to South Korea.
  • The Belgium v Japan and France v Argentina second round ties.

I’ve already patented LOVREN LA’ VIDA LOCA.

Expecting to earn a right few quid around March.


Amazing how there wasn’t much fan violence after all the warnings and expectations of MMA bumbag wearing walnuts terrorising our brave brass band.

Think there was a bit of a clampdown on ringleaders of the Russian ultras before the tournament was there not? Probably (not) been enjoying the World Cup from their local gulag.

Spain v Portugal was a hell of a game, loved it. Wouldn’t like to pick a best goal, but I was pleased that there were a few good goals in the final because there usually aren’t. And England winning on pennos was a great moment for those of us saddled with supporting them.

Favourite moment though was Colombia v Senegal, not because it was a great game (indeed, Senegal going out on bookings was a real low point), but because I happened to find myself in a pub in London with a bunch of Colombians going fucking mental, bellowing, crying, the full works at getting through the groups, and it was bloody great

Harry Maguire


A tournament that for the first time made me feel the same way I did back in the 90’s when everything in football was great.

Thank you football.


Player - Modric
Goal - Messi vs Nigeria
Game - Spain Portugal
Moment - Belgium’s last-minute winner against Japan

Team of the tournament:

Courtois - Vrsajlko, Varane, Vida, Mina, Hernandez - Kante, Modric - Hazard, Griezmann, Lukaku


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Di Maria v France
France v Argentina
South Korea’s 2nd against Germany

Also agree with Nestor’s shout that despite all the Meunier, Pavard, Trippier chat Vrsaljko has been the stand out right back at the tournament. Him and Strinic have both been excellent despite clearly not being fully fit.

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@moderators can I have my Mexico flag removed please? Thanks

Have we talked about goalkeepers? Obviously Courtois was good, and with the possible exception of the final the Croatian keeper also had a very good tournament. I was actually very impressed with Pickford, too. Was unsure him before, but I thought he was really solid (having a reasonable defence in front of him probably helped, mind).

Any others?

Essam El-Hadary. Saved a penalty in spectacular fashion. Not bad for a 45 year old

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Neuer changed goalkeeping again by showing that they shouldn’t play on the left wing


Player - Modric/Perisic
Goal - Pavard
Japan - Belgium
Moment - Super Ally’s ‘Kazan’s come a long way since it fell to Ivan the Terrible in 1552’ :joy: