WORLD CUP (The Silence) Day 21-22


Here you go.

WORLD CUP! (last 16) - day 20


It’s finished isn’t it? And we won?


Really hope Lingard doesn’t make any mistakes in the Sweden game. I can already picture people working on ‘humorous’ Ikea ‘Lin-gard’ instructions.


You can never have too many polls

Who’s bloody winning it?

  • England
  • Croatia
  • Russia
  • Brazil
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Uruguay
  • Sweden

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I’ll shit down your chimney if Brazil don’t win


Obviously the real winner will be Dr. Ramon Cugat


if we were beaten by brasil in the final i’d chalk it up as ‘basically winning’ tbf



any good beer gardens in stoke newington for watching the football?


It’s a weird world cup where Brazil are the baddies that nobody wants to win…


after last night, pretty sure columbia have outed themselves as at least medium-level baddies


Brazil are good and fun, just a shame that their main player is a colossal weapon


They’re like a Zelda dungeon mini-boss. Sweden are the dungeon boss. Croatia will be human Ganondorf. Brazil will be pig-form Ganon




Yeah fair. Genuinely think I’d be rooting for Brazil if he weren’t there. Coutinho is doing a quiet, impressive job as probably the best player in the tournament.


i think it’s a real shame Trinidad & Tobago didn’t make the tournament


So lets hear it… who’s wearing a waistcoat today?


Or at least one of em


Southgate at least deserves some credit for appropriating waistcoats away from Mumford & Sons