World cyber attack

Have you been attacked?

WannaCry II


wanna cyber?


Looks like a good one. ATMs in the Ukraine showing ransom ware messages

Automated ATM Machines?

Stealing everyone’s personal PIN numbers

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Strange how little information there is on how exactly the virus is spreading, the targets make me think it’s not just some dodgy website that’s at the root of it

I’ve had spam emails a couple of times in the last two days, where the body will include an email that I ‘sent’, whose body consists of a random reddit post from two years ago.

One is from an argument between two Newcastle fans about the merits of Cheikh Tioté (RIP)

Is it aliens?

Not this time, no.

I put on my robe and wizard hat


Funny you should say that, 'er celebrating 'er thirtieth today is doing so by reading a book about aliens and prime numbers. Probably has something to do with it.

It’s hit my offices (and all of our offices world wide). Been sitting her since 11am unable to turn the computers on but the boss won’t let us leave. Fuming.

UAT testing

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Did just make a hilarious “have they hacked the Nespresso machine too?” joke in the kitchen and got at least two stifled laughs, so every cloud, eh?


i’ve just had an email from luno and I’ve never signed up with them DAMN YOU COMPUTER VIRUS


the millennium bug is finally here

world dickhead