⚽ ⚽ World Football Cup 2018 - The Prelude (Le Threadoi) ⚽ ⚽


People make too much of the Iceland thing. It’s not like they were a country the size of Bradford and it was the first time they’d ever qualified for a finals or anything.


That 2nd half tho from Englands perspective was like a macabre comedy sketch. Quite memorable


greatest personal world cup memory? (i.e. getting particularly drunk or having a nice bbq over a match)

my favourite is probably during the last world cup, watching a couple of absolutely bladdered/stoned pals gathered round a garden bbq solomenly watching a rooney england shirt burn, with one of them obviously shirtless.


ooh that’s the game with this:




watching Robbie Keane equalise against Germany on a tiny TV in a packed classroom in my primary school


as above, probably being in Berlin for Germany 4 Argentina 0 and the Glasgow pub I watched England vs Germany in.

Also Holland beating Spain in the last one because it was the first time I’d been back to Glasgow in a while after leaving and it was just a really fun night.

What was the big DiS game we all watched together last time? I wanna say it involved Switzerland? It was a laugh anyway


Squires alert



It’s gonna take Wolves beating Real 5-0 in the Champions League final before anything surpasses England 1 - 2 Iceland as my favourite football match.

Was in fits of giggles watching it, seriously.


I can’t seem to get these to work, am I being stupid? how did y’all do it?


I remember at the time thinking definitely not funny, but in the hours/weeks/months afterwards…funny


Think Sterling’s effort is one of the high points in English tournament football this decade tbh.

And the Iceland game was so laughably appalling that I don’t think any English people really gave a solitary shit. Had it been a slightly under-par performance with an 80th minute Iceland winner it may well have been different, but it was a comedy for the ages as it happened.


prepped and ready lads


Will we get to update the teams England have beaten in knockout football in the last 20 years list. Currently:



I was about to be all WHAT ABOUT SPAIN IN EURO 96 and then realised that was more than 20 years ago.




I’ve channeled my excitement into making this song and video (jag)


This is the last eight, lads…


I did a soccer joke in the all-company chat room at work!


I think this is my earliest WC memory:

In my top 5 world cup goals


Very, VERY good stuff