⚽ ⚽ World Football Cup 2018 - The Prelude (Le Threadoi) ⚽ ⚽


Yep, same!


Don’t be surprised if someone puts a healthy dose of phlegm in your next cup of coffee at work. And deservedly so, obviously.


“Phlegm” is Dutch for “hazelnut syrup” right?


its goals galore in this Paraguay v Japan friendly


Floppyteggy’s took the Real Madrid gig.


Imagine if someone put a complaint in. You’d have to keep up a lie that you’d genuinely forgot that they’d not qualified for the rest of your working life


Considering how often I talk about football, I think that’ll be alright.


Superb bants in the office sweepstake as the proud Scot draws England and Mr Big-Shot Double Entry draws Saudi Arabia and Panama


I think I have Ingurlund down to be sent home by Colombia in the round of 16 when I did a predictor thing.

Oh wait, no they beat Columbia then get sent packing (emphatically) by the Germans.


Picked Belgium in the work sweepstake today, got Belgium on bugduvs thing here, got a business trip to Antwerp the week of the final. All coming up BELGIUM lads.


going to revise my prediction that Spain will win the tournament go getting dumped out at the group stage. Iniesta’s admitted he doesn’t give a fuck any more, and Lopetegui’ll have his eye on the Madrid seat next season.


I’ve got them down for a SHOCK EXIT to Argentina in the Quarters…


This is trash

But build the attack around Big Andy Carroll is sound logic


Just imagine the running japes and general hilarity off the back of that!


this is nice


Roger Mills in Italia 90 :heart_eyes:


I feel the goal, no matter how great, was somewhat eclipsed by how amazing all the titles and that are.



That sneaky Argentina free kick against England was just a copy, this was the original;


Related fact; Stefan Schwarz is the reason that a LOT of Swedish men in their 30s & 40s support Arsenal. Thomas Brolin is the reason that no Swedish men in their 30s & 40s support Chelsea