⚽ ⚽ World Football Cup 2018 - The Prelude (Le Threadoi) ⚽ ⚽


Bring it on!!!




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Lot of talk that Lopetegui is sacked/about to leave. Two days before their first game.

Ridiculous and sensational


I saw an elderly gentleman attaching what appeared to be an old and tattered Belgian flag to his car aerial earlier. On closer inspection they were a pair of old grotty Belgian flag boxers.

It almost brought a tear to my eye. WORLD CUP!


Of he’s sacked I might check the odds and bung a fiver on them winning it


Lopetegui to be sacked right before the big day?

Big Sam parachuted in? Pardiola to the rescue?


My favourite WORLD CUP story regards my friend’s dad in 2002. For some reason he was taping the France vs Senegal game and was overjoyed with the result (he’s Iranian, but whatever, everyone loves an underdog). It pleased him so much he insisted on rewatching the tape for the next three days. On his next attempt, my mate’s mum was so annoyed at him watching the same match again, she refused to let him play it, so he WALKED OUT OF THE HOUSE AND DIDN’T COME BACK FOR TWO DAYS.



Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man :es: :soccer:



Have set my screensaver at work to rotate the badges of the competing nations.

World Cup fever building…


2026 World Cup looks set to go to USA/Canada/Mexico unsurprisingly - give the whole thing to Mexico I say, they always guarantee a great World Cup. And Maradona could mark 40 years since the Hand of God there.


My favourite WORLD CUP story involves my parents.

They went on their first foreign holiday together in 1982. Mam asked Dad to pick out the location as she wanted to include him in the decision making process. Dad asked if they could go to Spain and Mam agreed to a nice holiday in Alicante.

When they get to Spain Mam starts wondering why there’s such a party atmosphere and why football is being shown on every television in every bar. Finally my Dad reveals to her that the WORLD CUP is on in Spain during the time they’re there. Mam says she only saw him at night when he went to bed for the next week as he was either at a game or watching them all on telly. Since then she’s asked us before every holiday that they go on if there’s a big sporting event on so she can avoid it. Don’t know how they stayed together after that holiday.



Oh fuck I’m proper fucking excited now.



Ha my dad did something very similar on their honeymoon, their first night away (in York) was the Champions League final, and he insisted on watching it rather than going out for dinner.

(Not quite) WORLD CUP!



(Our poor Mams.)


My favourite personal world cup memory: 2002, England vs Argentina. We were at the holiday camp place we usually went to and EVERYONE (about 50 people) was watching the game on a little tv in the sitting area at one end of the dining room. Really tense/excited atmosphere. Near the end of the first half lunch (fish and chips) is being served, people reluctantly peel away to eat. Then someone shouts “PENALTY” and we all bundle back to watch it. Nothing massively special but the atmosphere was brilliant in that first half especially.



Watched that match in the bowling alley I would end up working at years later because it was the only place that would serve a bunch of very obviously 16 year old boys. One of my more idiotic pals made a bold claim that he would get his nipple pierced if England won, we held him to it and it went septic a few days later.


Holy shit, they’ve actually sacked him!




What actually possessed him and Real Madrid to announce it days before the world cup, without consulting the Spanish FA beforehand??

Am I missing something obvious here?