⚽ ⚽ World Football Cup 2018 - The Prelude (Le Threadoi) ⚽ ⚽


working in a bar playing the WORLD CUP so plan to have an eye on it at all times


There are proposals in place to relocate a couple of TVs to a more directly-in-eyeline spot (for me and a few other people tbf, I’m not that much of a diva)


USA/Canada/Mexico for 2026 confirmed then.


Mexico to drop out when Trump decides he wants a third term in office


A little from column A…

I just went back past where he was parked and his underwear was still there and he was sat smoking nearby. I think he may have been in the swimming section of the nearby Sports and Social and is drying them on his car. But I choose to believe he’s not a weirdo and is in fact gripped by WORLD CUP FEVER.


Cannot believe that the fucking USA is going to have hosted two World Cups when we’ve only had one…


Dar eso Giggsy hasta fin torneo


lol CUM’26


Won’t you just be running the stream on your screen.

I mean I can’t believe your company is expecting anyone to work through this?!


2030 will probably be in Uruguay or something to mark the centenary so we’ll all be dead probably by the time England gets another chance


Nobody is really tbh


Is that just ‘North America’? Are Europe planning to bid as a bloc?


Why would an internarional coach having a new job in the future matter?

Celades would get it, you’d assume.


Are they still rotating it around the continents? If so it’ll be a while before another European one.


Yeah, that’s what it is. They’re doing a multiple hosts across Europe thing for Euro 2020 which I guess is the closest thing to it.


It’s joint-bid but USA has 3/4 of the matches


No, they ditched the rotation thing I think.




Difficult for other continents to bid for that one though


I mean, it’s a massive market, USA '94 essentially launched the sport in America and now 24 years later it’s become a huge property. Giving Mexico and Canada some games only sweetens the deal.