⚽ ⚽ World Football Cup 2018 - The Prelude (Le Threadoi) ⚽ ⚽


this has fully, fully done me. great World Cup content, Tone!


this won’t lead to any confusion!



I didn’t imagine that FIFA could pick a more authoritarian dystopia with worse human rights records after Russia and Qatar but they have surprised me again

Bloody Canada


Same. Can’t stop giggling about it. I feel ridiculously childish.


Sub-thread: England aside, where would you most like to see a World Cup finals tournament held?

I’d really like to see a Rest of the UK and Ireland tournament. Wouldn’t happen, obviously, though there was talk of a Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland one, and i imagine most people from Ireland might be GET TO FUCK, PAL. Guess it would be hard for Northern Ireland to support new stadiums of a size big enough to host, but hypothetically…

FINAL: Millenium Stadium
SEMIS: Millenium, Murrayfield (?), Hampden, Croke Park
QUARTERS: Millenium, Murrayfield, Hampden, Croke Park, Celtic Park, Ibrox
GROUP GAMES: All of the above plus Cardiff, Swansea, Windsor Park, the Aviva.

(England don’t make it through the qualifiers so we can all have a good time and that).


it gets funnier with each frame


tight offsides sounds like a euphemism for a fantastic arse

“…ooh look at the tight offside on him” etc


Three automatic qualifiers for a WC sounds like squeaky bum time for whichever continent gets their quota SLASHED.


A joint bid from the West African giants would be great, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon and Cote D’Ivoire. Decent kick off times, loads of different cultures combining, support would be incredible (ban vuvuzelas though)


Exactly that


We were gonna go to the pop up mundial bar but learned today that it’s Guestlist


Feel some combination of Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia could put together a very good bid if they were willing to heave together.



Would bloody love a Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and DR Congo equivalent too but that will never ever happen.


Just did a LOL out loud in the office at this and had to show someone what I was laughing at.

It’s now pinging around their friends too…


Yeah, Scotland and Wales went for Euro 2008 (I think), but UEFA ended up saying that they didn’t want three of the main stadiums in one city (Glasgow), so it fell apart at that hurdle.

I suppose London or a similarly big city could host three stadiums fairly comfortably, but nowhere up here could.




A UK and Ireland one would be great


Arise Senor Rafa!


Yorkshire hosted world cup please.
Group games at the John smiths, oakwell and the New York. Knockouts at bramall Lane and Elland Road, final at Hillsborough. Official world cup Anthem by the human league + reverend from reverend and the makers