⚽ ⚽ World Football Cup 2018 - The Prelude (Le Threadoi) ⚽ ⚽


Why don’t they base groups in the same city/region these days? Was it because no city wanted to be lumbered with English fans for three weeks?

I think I prefer the idea of tournaments where they do that.


The videos of rashford and lingard having a laugh together are making me want england to do well for the first time since 1998


Hierro officially spain manager


Can’t get over this Spain thing. Completely bonkers.


Loved Hierro as a kid, into this


goal-line technology: tweet


Why don’t we get centre-halves or defensive midfielders who score loads of goals any more?

Hierro had a 26-goal season at Real, scored 60 over three years. Koeman also hit over 25 one year and averaged 14 a season over a 17-year career. Steve Bruce scored 19 for United in 90/91.

I mean, the answer’s probably because teams are less direct and it’s become more of an individualistic game so they take pens and free-kicks less often, but can we reminisce about defensive players who’s pinged loads in the ONION?


He’s unlikely to post in here so I will on his behalf. @Gert has done a world cup song and video. It’s incredible.



love hierro, almost enough to make me want spain to win now


Ramos scores a fuckload in fairness innit.

Sinsa Mihajlović belting in free kicks galore was great.

Irwin/Harte and to a lesser extent Roberto Carlos also.


The libero position has been out of fashion for at least 20 years now.


Steve Bruce libero


I’d argue otherwise. Some of the above players weren’t really sweepers, and some modern sides play, going by the definition, pretty much as a libero.

Let’s not get into debates about wanky position names, though. It’s horrendous bellendry for bedroom webweirds.


Laurent Blanc is Montpellier’s top ever scorer


Just gonna go ahead and post an embedded version so lazy people can watch/listen to it since it’s really good:


Did Celades get sacked too?


Just had an AOB in a meeting to state that a number of weekly meetings will be shifted back from 1400 to 1345 in order to take place during half time of world cup matches rather that missing ten mins of action :smiley:


Apols if posted/seen already, but this sums it up very nicely



It’s the penalties thing, innit?

Remember when the best penalty taker would be the centre half who could just twat the ball really, really hard?

David Unsworth, Julian Dicks, Bruce, Hierro etc could all give them a good wallop.