⚽ ⚽ World Football Cup 2018 - The Prelude (Le Threadoi) ⚽ ⚽


I’m all sorted now. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP, NOBODY


i got Spain the work sweepstake, person next to me got France, head of department got Germany



Could’ve just got a French speaking Spanish reporter?


Just drew Engerland in our sweepstake.

Hoping that there won’t be enough people and we get to have a second go.


you should really get into your role by announcing you’re taking a job elsewhere and getting sacked immediately


I got England and France in my sweepstakes.

The Marriott across the road from work is doing a happy hour during the 2nd game each day. Unlimited beer for two hours, seven pounds quid. The Czech Republic is PARADISE*

*I don’t really drink beer


We weren’t allowed to do a sweepstake as it’s considered “gambling.”

Then I learnt another department has a sweepstake on the winner of Survivor. Mother fuckers.


wait, Survivor is still a thing?



post/username - I guess it conficts with SkyBet


The beehive in Old St


Samurai Blue came out on top last night with a 4-2 victory over Paraguay! :fist:

Next up Columbia who had an interesting run of form recently with a win over France but a close loss against Paraguay in the friendlies.


Hesus Christo I don’t have Internet at work (well I do but I can’t check it) just checked my phone. Wtf!


I don’t think North America needs or deserves another World Cup. On the other hand, my son will be 9 when it rolls round, which should be amazing. Chicago isn’t in the running to host any matches, due to the city (and states) inability to plan a budget despite enormous wealth. I have a feeling this may change (there’s a mayoral race coming up) but tbh I’m selfishly happy to let another city burden themselves. We can’t even adequately fund our schools, I don’t think the public would tolerate money being pissed up the wall on soccer of all things.






Fever mounting


World Cup!




The quality is a bit poor, but I always enjoy seeing these, especially how hilariously half-arsed ITV’s 1994 intro is