⚽ ⚽ World Football Cup 2018 - The Prelude (Le Threadoi) ⚽ ⚽


I won’t sleep tonight


almost certain Hierro got the majority of those goals via free kicks.

agree with the sentiment though. bring back goalkeepers taking free kicks too.


still love this so much


What’s the reaction to this lopetegui stuff been like where you are?

Shitty move but I can’t believe some people are siding with the federation. At least from some stuff I’ve seen



reaction has been pretty mental tbh - everyone I’ve spoken to about it has written us off now. most people side with the federation too, which has been weird considering they’re fairly unpopular.


:world_map: :trophy:


also wouldn’t be surprised if real had a different manager at the beginning of the season.


still backed spain to win it in the predos thread, I laugh in the face of logic


So many of the favourites are putting unecessary pressure on themselves - Spain by sacking Lopetegui, Belgium, Argentina and Germany with player omissions, France seem quite settled but will have a brainfart at some point. Brazil don’t seem to have many issues, but i’m starting to think i might back a couple of outsiders each way, maybe Colombia, or Denmark, or…no…mustn’t say it, but who knows, if Brazil get a big injury or just have an offday…


Flat earth trophy?


can’t see past the costa ricans tbh.


Germany are always the most boring contender aren’t they. Hope it’s pretty much anyone else except Portugal



I understand the idea but they’re backed into a corner and they couldn’t do anything. That they have is just ridiculous grandstanding. Just making it a hundred times worse by this. World Cup >>>>> “integrity” of the federation (who gives a shite)

*Be interesting to see how they actually do. Everyone knows their roles and everyone but the striker picks themselves and that could be enough to see them through but then in-game management could be so important and who the hell knows in tournament football. Be mental if Hierro deviates radically from the starting line up though


yeah, team doesn’t pick itself nowadays, which is frightening.




Last call for the predos thread mates. Currently 19 in for bants and dinger. Any entries before kickoff in the axis of evil derby will be counted


Be amazing bants if he sends some folk home and calls up ayoze perez or that Chelsea clogger last minute


torres on the plane