World of sport wrestling is coming back!


This is not the wrestling thread

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What? Really? Who?
Fucking yesiamaduck give me information
In other news I’ve got tickets for the what culture show in london in a couple of weeks :blush: What a smark I am



Splendid, regularly watch clips of the old series.
Hope they’re super faithful to the original, keep everything as stripped back and sport-like as possible (timed rounds, no closed fists, 2 out of 3 falls, quick boxing like 10 knockout counts, etc), even if they are inevitably getting some of the modern indie scene involved. Bet they won’t though.


Not going to happen, everyone knows pro wrestling is pre-determined these days so that would tank hard


Everyone knew it then!
IMO the industry’s crying out for a more hyperreal/MMA style presentation, in a way new japan and roh sometimes reach for, this’ll just get lost in the mix with the other british indie stuff.


I don’t think it’d get lost in the mix because it’ll be the only British wrestling promotion with a national tv deal on a major tv channel so it doesn’t really need a USP.


Depends who you reckon the target market is and how they consume media tbqh
Reckon it’ll have to do very well to get beyond average to low ratings over whatever tosh itv would’ve chucked up there anyways so probably won’t last, but still, could be good.


I reckon it’ll aim for casuals FILTHY CASUALS BLEH

It won’t be a market for old school British wrestling. Draft in a few names from the indies and you’ll hook in the hardcore pretty easily. I reckon it’ll be a fairly safe and low-key affair, though, I’m sure, I don’t see the British Indie Style being that successful on TV.

It’ll be a family-friendly morning show, with a touch of the original style to keep those looking for nostalgia happy.


That could still be really good if they come up with cool ways to make it novel or jazzy, rather than being a regular indie fed consciously toning themselves down. We’ll see I guess.


Wrestling has also moved on a lot from those days - the old WoS wrestling wasn’t all that different from what was happening in the USA, but now everyone will be taking their cues from the WWE and it’ll probably be full of “storyline”. Besides, all the best wrestlers are now dead.


shame jack gallagher is done with the indies, would’ve been ideal for this


Not sure how this will be played but should be interesting. My worry is that it’ll be moreorless panto and it’ll have an overall negative effect on the indie scene, but we’ll see.

I’m interested to see also who the full roster is. I know a couple of people who are on it and a couple im surprised haven’t been asked, though that might be to do with them being on WhatCulture. A guy I trained with is the son of one of the original World Of Sport guys, Dave Bond, so it would make sense for him to be on.


My curiosity got the better of me and I googled it. Apparently Kendo Nagasaki will be part of it. Wonder if it’ll still be Peter Thornley in his 70s or if he’s passed on the gimmick to someone younger?


Jr is doing commentary!


Oh My God!


Apparently its a one off special which will be treated as a pilot. It’s in a couple of weeks (1st November)