World Snooker Championship 2018

World Snooker Championship starts on Saturday. Boom. What we saying?

Maguire’s come through qualifying and will be taking on Ronnie in Round 1. Could be a scorcher but Ronnie will probably come through it easily all told.

Boilerplate chat about Could It Be The Year For The Young Chinese Lads not looking needed, only Xiao Goudong and Lyo Haotian making the cut. I mean Xiao could be the man, but I wouldn’t bet on it. DiS UK Champ favourite Sonny Akani didn’t make it through qualifying.

Surprise package - don’t rule out Graeme Dott. Back at the Crucible and he’s had a firm season. Anyone moaning about him going deep will be banned from this thread.

One to watch - Jack Lisowski. Everyone bangs on about how insanely talented this lad is but he’s never strung a decent run together anywhere and he’s been rattling around for a while now. Could be the year he finally does.

Winner - fuck knows. It’s Ronnie’s if he wants it this year. Not sure he can last the distance in Sheffield any more but if he’s up for it he’ll win it. Pretty open field for the rest of it. Selby’s back in form again so fair chance of number 4 for the Human Leopard. Could it be Ding? Could it?? My annual money tipped down the drain this year’s gone on Mark Williams at 20/1 but stranger things have happened.


Akani in the UK’s last year was absolutely brilliant. I’d forgot all about him. It’d be a shame if he ended up being a quiz question rather than establishing a tournament career. Just seemed a really likeable lad with a quick, fun style and as a casual viewer that’s sort of what i want.

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Yeah he was great. Only 22 so he’ll be back don’t worry.

Looking at the draw, i’m thinking Selby, Higgins or Ding. Never really trust the latter. Head’s saying Selby but 12/1 for Higgins is quite appealing.

I think Higgins’ last chance was last year myself. Can’t see him mounting a better challenge than that.

Hawkins always a good e/w but he’s had some real awful personal shit this year so Crucible might be a tournament too far for him.

just read about this, awful :frowning:

Yeah really awful. Seems like such a lovely bloke too does Bazza.

Don’t really mind who wins, as long as it’s not Shaun ‘born again’ Murphy, the man with the most punchable face in snooker. I’ll probably root for the Jester if he makes it to the final.


looking forward to all the audience coughing

Something something Selby date.

Selby 7-2 down after the first session, fascinating stuff

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Can’t really see him coming back from that now, unless Joe completely falls apart in the final session this evening.

I’ve got a funny feeling Maguire might give Ronnie a run for his money this afternoon.

Fu Lyu once, shame on you.


So Selby then…

  • Forgot to put his contacts in
  • Forgot to take his drugs
  • Got a tasty offer from some shady bookie
  • Wanted to spend the bank holiday doing some DIY for a change
  • Forgot how to play snooker

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You were right.


Wishing I’d put some money on it now, tbh!

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just turned this on, shocker

did selbers go to pieces or is joe playing well?

Bit of both, but mainly the latter for the first session. Selby was jaw-droppingly shit at the beginning of this session too, but he’s clicked back now and Perry’s started bottling it badly before he’s even one frame away.

Yeah, whereas basically evens when he’s 6-3 up (and he’s going to lose as well) is a stable door with the lock nowhere to be seen.

that red perry missed over the pocket jfc