World Snooker Championship 2018

Really disappointed with the BBC highlights. The hour-long version of the first day highlights started with Selby 3-8 down, and the extended two-hour version is almost all Stevens v Wilson.

i was thinking about this earlier while watching a really long tactical frame

football i love watching highlights whereas snooker i absolutely hate it

maybe it’s cos i’m a boring person who loves a long frame tho

Just watching a bit of Shaun Murphy v Jamie Jones. It occurred to me whilst watching him agonise over a shot, that when Murphy finally comes to the realisation that his best chance of getting his hands on silverware is an appearance on Celebrity Antiques Road Trip, he has a career in waiting in competitive gurning.

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Reckon Ronnie having a tough opener will be good for him.

Yep. After that I’d say number 6 for The Rocket looks like the most likely outcome. He’s got Carter next which is pretty much a bye for him at the Crucible. See how he goes if he loses a session against a top 8 player but this is looking like Ronnie’s even after only the opening weekend. Watched Maguire’s press conference afterwards - looks like he can’t be bothered to compete any more which is a great, great shame.

Shame Dott didn’t get past Carter. Wilson’s looking very good and he’s not phased by the Crucible one bit. He’ll be tough. Can’t really read much into Lyu Haotian beating an out of form Marco Fu - he won’t get very far losing the cueball as often as he did in that match. Selby was either going to get beaten in the first round or get to the final - the former occurred. Tough draw admittedly.

Oh and good to hear Angles McManus back on the old commentary. He can spot a good safety shot pretty much as soon as it’s been played. hits first cushion “Oh this looks very good indeed” … ball ends up tight behind the green


Feels like they’ve been going on about this new chalk for about three years.

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Rather annoyed that Virgo got several opportunities to enquire about the destination of the cue ball on day one. Opportunities that he didn’t pass up.

Good to see Virgo back actually - he got shipped out for the UK’s but I think the BBC copped a load of flak from snooker fans for it so did a u-turn on it. Still haven’t quite forgiven them for unceremoniously binning off Clive Everton.

Enjoy it though - it’s only a matter of time before Shaun Murphy joins the commentary roster.

I quite like the smooth, sultry tones of Mr Kenneth Doherty.


Ken’s easily my least favourite personally. Just sucks the joy out of the occasion for me and doesn’t really bring much to the table.

Although I’m probably alone in really liking Ebdon. His overly sincere encouraging style is actually really nice to listen to IMO. Him and Angles made a great pair on the Carter/Dott match.

Oh fucking hell, no, not Murphy! It’ll be a sad day when I’m forced to watch snooker with the sound muted.

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Yeah O’Sullivan is already doing some on Eurosport and I can’t see the BBC getting him when he starts to wind down. Be a shame because he’s bloody good.


Virgo is the man, but I always quite enjoy Willie Thorne paired with Dennis Taylor. They’re like a warm, comfy pair of slippers.

Yep. Dennis Taylor’s lost it these days but it’s still nice having the old codger knocking about. Bit of character.

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Anyone else see Dennis at The Masters? MC Rob Walker was off doing something else for the first day so he was drafted in to introduce the players. Did it with plenty of gusto. “Please welcome MARK WILLIAMS!!!”. Slight problem, it was Mark Allen he was introducing.


aye, taylor should have been let go years ago

sounds like he doesnae know where he is most of the time

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Have you seen Ronnie on American Hustle? He’s not the brightest spark, that other guy is almost like his minder - Its like of mice and men the snooker/pool version

I have not! Didn’t even know about it.

Its pretty good but poor old Ronnie is not a clever man when it comes to anything other than holding a cue. Though I think this makes him such a character as he you know he is always being genuine