World Snooker Championship 2021 🦯⚪ 🔴

That was surprisingly enjoyable.

loser should have to clean up the ticker tape afterwards

Tory, soz

He’s been great this tournament though and it has been a brilliant PR exercise for him, feels like the most good will towards him in his entire career.

Wonderful tournament, loved it, quite special seeing the crowd back too


Hazel Irvine is a class act


I hate Murphy and bloody love Selby

great tournament and nice to have a good final after last years was so flat (even tho it was understandable given the mad semis)

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Mark Selby is the snooker equivalent of Djokovic isn’t he?


He’s a knob

Uses twitter to push anti-abortion shite, amongst other things.

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Djokovic = Higgins
Federer = Ronnie
Nadal = Mark Williams

Nadal = Selby. Murray = Williams.

I really loved the way he ended up basically wiping the cue ball all over the table with both of them. Almost a shame he didn’t put a tear in the cloth just to cap it off.

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feel like pure shit just want the snooker back