World Spirituality Classics Volume 2 - The Time for Peace is Now

I thought volume 1 (The Alice Coltrane record a couple of years ago) was amazing but this one is even better. Compilation of the year by a mile.

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Yes! Been listening to this the last few days. Great positivity and spiritual uplift as the name suggests. Not as good as the Alice Coltrane one though, nothing can beat that spaceship landing in heaven. Must be real fun to be well into music whilst simultaneously praising that lord


It’s great, reminds me of the gospel compilations Numero Group have done. Roll on volume 3

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Yes, it’s certainly got a lot in common with the Good God! compilations that Numero put out a while ago. I think it has even more concentrated brilliance than those records though.

Apparently the bloke who compiled it has also done some amazing compilations of Disco Gospel that I must get hold of.