World war 2 sequel announced FINALLY

been in development hell for 70 years, produced a lot of spin-offs and ongoing series, but seems a direct sequel has finally been greenlit by trumpstudios, w/ production details leaked to press. like the idea of setting it in america this time, although i’m not sure north korea will be as good a villain as nazi germany. it’s the joker/bane thing all over again isn’t it.




A heel v heel feud, if booked correctly, can actually work. In this case it’s hard to know who to support, though, when it’s a sociopathic Bond villain with crazy hair versus the child king of North Korea.


Both entrants like a pile of cunts, do off with both of them.

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child king! child king! everyone loves an underdog and he’s long overdue a face turn

Will this be on pay per view??

“A direct hit! And we all said Kim was incapable of hurling a chair that distance! We’re witnessing incredible scenes here tonight on the WOOOOOORRRRLLLDDD STAAAAAAAAGE! This little upstart’s really come up Trumps here this evening, folks, and it looks like there will be HELL to PAY for us all! We’ll be forced to forage for subsistence and sever all pre-existing social ties to scrape some semblance of a life from the ashes of the wasteland of the 21st century! What! A! Night!”


“North Korea on its knees here folks, North Korea is busted wide open. America winding up a lil sweet chin music, a real ‘welcome to the suck’, and…wait…what is that…BAW GOD! THAT’S VIETNAM’S MUSIC! VIETNAM IS BACK! RUSSIA, RUSSIA IS ESCORTING VIETNAM TO THE RING! BAW GOD VIETNAM IS BACK! and…and…A DOUBLE CHOKESLAM! A CHOKESLAM ON AMERICA, ALL THE DAMN WAY TO HELL! RUSSIA WAKING UP THE REFEREE, VIETNAM PULLING NORTH KOREA ACROSS TO AMERICA!”

[russia and vietnam smash beers together and pop the bird at a comatose america as north korea drape an arm across its chest]


Oh yeah, I remember this.

Weren’t they going to do this about 30-odd years ago? Ronnie Reagan was mooted as the lead and Maggie Thatcher was the love interest.

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Scrapped cos andropov lacked screen presence. Shame.

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russia still yet to confirm return to cast, having found independent success in ukraine and syrian markets

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That’s it, I remember now. Then Gorbachev was cast and it turned into a rom-com


Ehh. Not really into the World Wars.

Preferred the Fulani War, Ashanti–Fante War, Dungan Revolt… Stuff you probably haven’t heard of.

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Personally, I think this should be a reboot rather than a sequel if they’re not making the Germans the villains this time round.

laugh it up, fuzzballs


soft reboot maybe?

Maybe a Legasequel (legacy sequel), so like have some of the original countries involved, but bring in the new ones to take over in the later parts, kinda like Star Wars Force Awakens. World War: The New Class or something


For a forum that gets so touchy about borderline problematic lyrics, this is an odd thing to joke about, lads.

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If you’re not allowed to joke about nuclear war, what’s the point in anything anymore???